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  1. Gogos for the first few days of the trip. After that, its mainly massage places in the afternoon and escorts or freelancers at night. Love the variety in massage places that Bangkok offers with the oilies, PSEs, soapies, nurus etc. Looking forward to visiting a Kapoo Club on my next trip.
  2. Citrus Suites looks like great value for those huge rooms - nice find!
  3. The Davis used to be one of my favourites as well. Last I stayed there, a couple of years back, it felt like the hotel needed a renovation and the service wasn't as good as it used to be either. Not sure if they've improved on this since. I'd still consider staying there on my next trip - the ambassador suite is just beautiful and makes up for most of the flaws.
  4. Seems like a neat place. Rooms look spacious and the Soi 11 location is top ofcourse.
  5. I thought it would be nice to create a thread with favourite hotels or Airbnbs in Bangkok. I've only stayed in hotels in Bangkok up until now but I'd love to discover good Airbnbs as well for upcoming trips which hopefully happen soon. My favourite hotel currently is the Mercure, Soi 11 It fits my budget at around $75 a night. Rooms are comfortable, bathrooms spacious, swimming pool is good and the entire hotel has a modern feel to it. The location is great to experience the nightlife with multiple clubs nearby and easy access to Nana and Cowboy. There are lots of good food options nearby and El Gaucho Steakhouse on the ground floor. I'd love to read recommendations on hotels or Airbnbs from other members.
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