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  1. No farang just to be in the audience? I can see why they might allow only Thai competitors, but forbidding them from watching seems bizarre...
  2. Damn, I had no idea you could even get full service at these places. They have like private rooms with a bed or something or you gotta take them out?
  3. Based on the one I talk to on wechat occasionally, I imagine they're not there now as they all go home for vietnamese new year which was pre-pandemic. But normally they stand outside in a group on soi 4 right outside nana hotel. They tend to have lighter skin and more plastic surgery than thai fls in the area.
  4. Overwhelmingly soapies+massage. Better value than bars and I like a relaxed environment more personally. Nobody harassing you to buy drinks and if you walk in, don't see any you like, and leave, nobody takes this as rude or gets offended/angry. You can go any time of the day almost and don't have to stay up super late, relatively little "competition". Maybe a bit in the big soapies frequented mostly by locals the best girls might always be booked, but in smaller massage places not really. You go to snow white or Angel massage and spend like 1900-2200 or you go to a gogo, pay 1 dri
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