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  1. Looks nice on photos. How did you book it? It does not show any booking options from Google Maps. EDIT; my bad, I did not read your post well. Booking.com it is.
  2. I'd like to explore that option too. What sites do you use to search for all serviced apartments in a particular area, with reviews?
  3. I'll be sure to make a note to try it there next time. +1. Pepper Lunch is a very decent quick steak option. Go for the top menu item, it's still cheaper than getting it in a steakhouse.
  4. I should have the SIM card somewhere, I think I misplaced it. If I pop it in, I might be able to get the text, if I got balance and roaming works. In the past it worked 50/50 for me. The problem at this point, I think my SIM is expired altogether.
  5. Need to reinstall LINE on a new phone. Right now it's registered to a Thailand mobile number. I know LINE will send a verification text to the mobile number. I'm not in Thailand now. What to do? I don't want to change my LINE number to my main mobile number in my home country. I want a separate mobile number for my LINE. I tried to use a Skype or Google Voice number but it does not allow it. It seems it only allows official registered mobile numbers from major carriers in each country. Any ideas?
  6. Very true. Not only FLs, this is a popular area where bargirls live. OnNut is right after the river bridge, so I think it drops the prices somewhat and makes it just affordable for many categories of locals.
  7. Rama9 and Ratchada is not a bad area overall. The STREET mall has lots of nice places to eat and a very popular hangout place with the locals. Major soapies are also in the same area.
  8. +1 on OnNut. Not as expensive as the very center, yet close enough to the action. If you are too far from Nana/Soi Cowboy area, some more popular girls are wary riding too far away into the outskirts with you. You might occasionally get rejected by a hot girl for that reason (unless you are willing to do an ST hotel). OnNut got a recently built mall with restaurants, lots of street food. Tesco Lotus right by the BTS.
  9. More active discussion on this on the Pattaya forum. The good news, there are lots of negative reviews about Thailand hotels, but this is the only such incident. The guy must have really pissed them off.
  10. Unread Content seems to be updating now. But I noticed ever since the last downtime the whole forums kind of went very quiet...almost no discussions happening. Not sure if the technical issues are affecting that or what. This is in stark contrast with the Pattaya forum where active discussions are going on everyday.
  11. Seeing some updates in the new content now, so maybe it worked...
  12. Having the same issues. I just posted another topic with similar complaints. I did not reply to this topic because this topic header showed 0 replies, so I figured there is no activity here... but now I see multiple replies when I opened it......another issue right here.
  13. The forum was briefly down a couple of weeks ago (maintenance?), and ever since it came back up I'm seeing odd problems. I don't see new content updated in the New Content Area, I get an error when I submit a posting (but it still gets submitted), I don't get notifications when others post in my topics, I get an error when I try to follow topics (even the ones I created)..... is it just me, or do others have similar issues??
  14. The news looks credible. Looks like an extreme situation here, but still disturbing https://onemileatatime.com/jailed-thailand-negative-hotel-review/
  15. 🤣🤣🤣 The condoms were washed, dried, and reshaped with a dildo under unhygienic conditions, said authorities who busted the illegal operation. https://www.asiaone.com/asia/raid-uncovers-over-300000-used-condoms-recycled-sale-vietnam
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