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  1. I really don’t do much clubbing and it is not really my kind of thing at all. There are others who see it as a way to get wasted and get laid and so on. I just don’t like that thing at all and we can all agree that there is a way to just waste time without actually putting yourself at risk among many things that we have seen.
  2. Don’t you even understand that all street food in thailand is the best? and no one can argue that people around here have tasted even better. There are many other ways to make sure that this one goes down for real and many others have always found a way to make it look so real that they found some easier calls to make in the long run for all people.
  3. Well the philippines has been tolerating both good and bad. They are so far the only country to stick to the truth in the bible when it comes to big issues such as same sex marriage, which is clearly easy to see in other countries. You see, being tolerant is not about allowing everything, but also stepping up to stand against what is really wrong by moral standards of a normal person at the very least. That is all true.
  4. Well i do hope that cooking course is worth it because a travel like that is really hectic for me. I do think of a way to make it easier for you but then it would need to depend on your budget at the very least. Some say it is not really easy to work with that kind of travel.
  5. Better than how it's handled further to the Southeast. That 'Pearl of the Orient' have tourists and medical workers dying left and right and the Government had the gal to say 'we're winning'.
  6. The travel ban is very poorly timed in the Philippines. They kept the flights open for infected passangers then blocked it for supplies. No wonder it's losing GDP. Thailand had a stricter management... but sometimes unnecessary to the point that it feels like extortion.
  7. It is good that there is details like this. I thank you for sharing this information.
  8. If this include arrival and rest then I'll be resting. Maybe play some online slots, idk. Then spend the next three hours scouting for the floating market. Preferrably the one on the big canal. I forgot what it's called but they said it is connected to China.
  9. I don't think so. There are a lot of people who are going to this country for tourism but it has not really hurt it all that much. There are people who will say this but as long as they are in order, no one is going to hurt this country with their mere visit. However, we are aware that there are certain people who try and hurt the ecosystem but that is few and far between. There are people we can trust all over the country ot serve and protect our community and keep ouy places safe. There are people who will be out there to hurt the ecosystem but be sure that there will be guardians around.
  10. Well, now that it is over, I believe that there are still some sites that offer the replays. If you are asking for other sports, I can still point you to do a simple google search about the league that you want to watch and then adding free stream after it. There are a lot of users around the world that will provide you some good entertainment coming from the people that bring you the sports that you enjoy for free. Use your search engine and you will have a better time because it will also give you better and more precise answers rather than asking people who will have a late answer like me lol. Hopefully, you find a replay feed or whatever.
  11. I know that it has been cancelled but I am not sure why. Probably because of the area or some people not liking the tower itself to be made there. There are a lot of issues with building a tower especially if its a massive structure like a tower. However, there may just be a delay for construction because it seems that this is an important project and they would not just remove themselves from the sitaution. I think that something is up and there is something delaying it but there is also the possbility of it being outright cancelled by the company that was forced to build it.
  12. I would not even worry about this unless your photo page or photo itself is ruined. There are a lot of problems when that happens because they will fail to identify you in that way. Unless you have some special permissions, you have no problem when it comes to this passport because there are a lot of problems when you do lose that. However, it is nice to see that there are positives that we can take away from this and remember that you should never lose the passport and try to take care of it please. There are a lot of problems when you do wreck it lol. It is such a hassle to pay for another one and then go through another process.
  13. Wait. That's what happens when the captcha shuts down? How did BA handle this?
  14. Wait, you can get 'extra service' at the massage??? That's an interesting point of reference. I'll keep that in mind hahaha
  15. Yeah, just like what Revanchist said. Your best bet is to hire a sex worker from outside of the hotel. You probably can't ask them to clean, though. As for the maids. Please don't touch
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