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  1. There are a handful of massage parlours that are all accustomed to offering the usual extras same as Bangkok (full service mostly), a little karaoke bar area with rooms in the back (very cheap, full service), and I had a fair bit of luck with Thaifriendly there. I think Tinder could be okay too (not sure about P4P, but certainly dating, GFs). There is actually a couple of soapy places (the rooms have a big bathtub with bubbles), but pricey in my opinion. If you monger long enough in Ubon you find some gems that come and go, especially in the massage parlours and karaoke bars. PM me for specific details. Or just ask here. That said I noticed a lot of places disappear with covid. Hopefully just temporary
  2. Wondering if anyone has come across a particularly sleazy hotel? I have always had a fantasy for hooking up with a hotel maid or staff while they are on duty. Now, I know it is a long shot, but anyone ever stayed in a hotel that gave naughty vibes?
  3. What about The Strand Inn on Patpong? Seems to be very dirty, porn art on the walls. Surely the maids in there are up for it. Anyone stayed there?
  4. Anyone ever found a hotel with maids that would clean more than the room, if you know what I mean?
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