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  1. I like Grand president too, nice big rooms, the suites are spacious and not too expensive with full kitchen and big living room. There are two main towers, tower One has the lobby and front desk, so I avoid that as the lobby is always busy and I don't like bringing girls right past the front desk if I can avoid it. Tower 2 across the driveway is nicer and much more discreet for bringing a girl or two back. Never had anyone ask any questions. Across Soi 11 is another tower with smaller rooms, it's fine too, no problem bringing anyone back. And the location on Soi 11 is right in the middle of everything.
  2. How about the Shangri-La? Not near the action, but near BTS to get there
  3. I've stayed at the Westin a bunch of times, perfect location halfway between Nana and Cowboy, easy walk to either. A bit pricey though. If anyone cares, the gym there is top notch.
  4. Now that things are opening up a little in Bangkok, I'm curious about the situation with street food at night, and all those great little pop-up bars that used to line Sukhumvit. Last time I was there, two years ago, those had started to disappear, for whatever reason. There were still a couple around Soi Cowboy, but that was it. And street food, the noodle places and carts on the sois, etc. Are they coming back now too? Although without tourists they may not have enough business. Curious, though.
  5. Yes Soi 7 beergarden is a great daytime spot. Mid day it's not crowded, and every now and then I've found a gem there, even that early. I often go there for late breakfast/lunch at 2 or 3 Pm or so. With Covid I have no idea what it's like though, I'd be curious to hear.
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