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  1. I arrive generally early evening. Take Grab to my hotel which is near Terminal 21. After check in i generally first head out to the El Gaucho for a steak dinner. A really great place for a steak. Then I rush to Soi Cowboi for a few hours. Warm up at 5 stars by looking at the naked dancers, continue to Afterskool for some hand on action, then Suzie Wong’s for some big boobs and finally Crazy House for some naked experience all around. Then head back to the hotel and meet up with one (or two) of my TF friends for the rest of the night. That was, of course, before coving back in the good old year fo 2019...
  2. Try them massage place downstairs in the Grace hotel. Some pretty large mature milfs ready to do anything you want. Suzie Wong has pretty big BGs and even bigger waitresses. CH waitresses are good and fun and horny. Search on TF for girls >65 kg
  3. Love the Soi Cowboy atmosphere. Small bars, lots of nudity and friendly, hand on girls. Not cheap but worth the money. Have fun it’s both BGs and waitresses. Even a mamasan let me finger her pussy after i bought her a LD or two. I complement Soi Cowboy with TF. Wide variety of girls from BG to student to horny milf. Have never been disappointed so far.
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