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  1. Hi Pete.. hope all's well, good to see you at CI99 - catchup again next time

  2. It's not that hard as I've had in phuket, even the floor felt more comfortable in some hotels. The beds in S sukhumvit suites are average as far as I can judge. I did have a GF, I had a room alone, and they told me when coming in early evening, that due to the fact my room was for 1 person I had to pay joiner fee. However If I checked in 2 persons, it would not be a problem. Tried it once, maybe a receptionist with a bad day.... It sure is around cowboy and bts... so in that case rather good, only for the money you can get something better, but further.
  3. I read this post, and immediately thought back to last year, not again please, I'm flying in in about 4,5 weeks... Heavy rainfall expected in the north, till september 6th. Don't know if this will reach bangkok alos, but better warned then sory.:) http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/310318/warning-heavy-rain-flash-floods
  4. Hotel review of S Sukhumvit Suites, located at Sukhumvit road between soi 21, and soi 23. Been to this hotel the last time, and reviewed it. Rooms: The rooms are somehow a bit small, cramped is the better word for it. Squeezed into the building, some of them containg weird angles and they even offer rooms with no window. I had a deluxe room, which has a window. looking out the window I looked across the hotel next to it (unfortunately they are having a big renavation going on for a while now, so don't expect any views) None of the rooms have balcony, but who wants to sit outside
  5. Review of the Patong Hotels I visited so far. In alphabetical order: Banthai Beach Resort. A really nice place, arrival hall is very impressive to see, staff is very kind. the place itself is very quiet and yet very close to the action. So far for the good parts, there are also some negative parts on this resort. The negative sides are the relative small rooms, outdated bathrooms and it's a bit overpriced for what you get. I had a room without pool-entry as this costed way more, it's a cool feature, slide right from your own roombalcony in the pool (only the groundlevel rooms). T
  6. I've googled for you: the hotel is NOT guestfriendly for as far as I can see: more info Hopes that helps you, for the other thing, I think your topic is more in place in the hotels & accomodations section of the forum, maybe a moderator/admin can move it to there...
  7. hi .. just saw your friendship message here .. how are you .. what is the latest with you .. all fine with me .. heading back to thailand in october .. bkk for last week of october .. cheers .. peter

  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I combined the reviews on agoda, tripadvisor with the reply of big yuley and I booked. I'm staying 16 nights, admiral suite, 65m2 metres with seperate living and sleeping area, private balcony and I pay 41k baht for it, including breakfast. Comes down to 2562, say 2600 baht a night. Funny though, If I requested the same hotel with my travel agency, they charge me 65k baht and not even in the admiral but a grand suite (which is almost the same, but admiral is somehow bigger and a bigger balcony). Rather expensive, well that's how you look at it. It's the
  9. Same feelings her, I never been to pattaya, but know phuket/patong inside out, and I like bangkok way more. Just as described above, walk and watch the world go by. I also sit on a wall, or a empty space and just watch the world stroll by. At daytime, packed with business people, at night-time the foodstalls, market stalls, p4p girls and cockroaches take over :) First being there, on day 1 I regretted to see bangkok in any way, no fresh air, the smell, the dirt, more hot, almost no places to relax/sit down nice and quietly. And now, I love it, is sure grows on you. I know my way
  10. Been to the JJ market also, was also in the lonely planet as a must-see. Well, to be honest, I was in and out within 3 hours. Much of the same, found everywhere, but maybe a little cheaper if you can bargain really good. Was nice to see, but will not go there again. I liked china-town more.
  11. Also for me one of the best placed to be in bangkok next to the area surrounding khoa san road and afcourse china town for the many food varieties....
  12. Hi guys, I'm planning to stay at the admiral premier hotel, soi 23, very close to soi cowboy, and prefer a suite. Anyone been there or can tell me first hand experiences? On agoda it has good reviews. Looking forward to your replies, Thanks in advanca, Michael
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