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  1. I have never stayed at the Dawin but i am booked in there later on in the year. I believe the Dawin is nice and that is with chatting to someone sitting outside there and also by the reviews. I have however stayed at the Mac Suites and although the pictures on the hotel websites seem a nice place, i found that it was showing signs of age and a bit of neglect, so i wouldn't book there again. Hope this helps
  2. Excellent, cheap too, thanks IJM
  3. Hi all I know this is a Bangkok forum but i cannot find a Chiang Mai forum, sorry, so i thought to ask members from here if they have travelled to Chiang Mai. I am travelling to CM and never been there before and was wondering the best way from the airport to the night bazzaar area, how much a taxi should be etc. Pat
  4. Hi All I go to a spa type place on Sukhumvit at the Asoke junction, it is on the even number side of the sois and it's right next to Asoke BTS, they have a range of different massages and is pretty reasonable too. Just looked on google maps and it is called 'Urban Retreat' it looks a posh joint outside than your normal massage places Pat
  5. Hi Bac I will give you a A+ for asking what a lot of us like :D Years ago it was a glass to your ear against the wall. The good replies from other BM's on which the different hotels to stay at is great, but i can see your loveable type of room may become an expensive one trying each place :rolleyes: Please keep us informed for research purposes Pat
  6. Great Pics PC, I have and try to get to Thailand twice a year, this year i am going in May and Oct and looking at what leave i may have with work, will look at going to BKK for 30th dec for 8 nights over the NYE period and would like to know what it is like then compared to the months i am already going. I know that it is classed as high season, is all the bars jam packed, is the prices on most things shot up and is there a new year atmosphere around the place. This NYE at home was just at the local with friends having a load of beer, it was fun but i wanna do something different on the next one, so i thought Bangkok as a place to try for NYE Regards Pat
  7. Hi All I have just come back from Thailand in June and after reading threads about the airport train, i thought i would give it a go. I arrived at Swampy flying from Phuket at aroung 16.00ish including security/baggage etc and went for the airport train, as (ianjamesmax) says it is not as far as the taxi ranks. I paid 45bht for the stopper to Phaya Thai then changed to the BTS to Nana buying a 200bht rabbit card (i use the BTS all the time so hence why i bought a rabbit card). Although i did get the stopper, i did not see an express train pass us. I work on the railways back home so i was doing a bit of infrastructure spotting and was waiting for it to pass (sad i know). The journey itself was good, i had space with my case on the airport train but had to stand on the BTS but i was out the way not beiing a pain to passengers getting on/off. I think the journey took about 45mins and my hotel was in soi 11/1 and was 100mtrs away from Nana BTS. I would try this option again but when flying home, i get a taxi from BKK as i need to be at Swampy for around 7.00am ish and i heart my snooze button lol!! Pat
  8. Hi All I stayed at this hotel in June just gone for 4 nights and did not really rate it. The room itself is small because a lot of the room is the bathroom/shower. When having a shower it just completely soaks the bathroom and the bedroom area is small compared to other places i have stayed at in BKK, ie Dynasty Grand, Aspen Suites The decor in the room is basic and showing signs of wear and tear and the odd few stains on the units, i would like to say thou that the staff was very good and helpful if needed, as they asked me if all was ok every time i passed. As the OP states that the food seems to be overpriced, in which i agree, especially when around the hotel area is great cheap eateries. I also got a room next to the construction site and was woken early each morning and also the smell of the drains hit the room every now and again but hey thats Thailand. My next trip i will be looking at other options to stay, may be looking at Aspen Suites again Pat
  9. Hi All Most BM;s like football/soccer where ever they are from and follow the sport when in the LOS. I am from the UK so obviously with the time zone the games that are played are different when in Thailand. So you get to watch the games a lot later in the bars and sometimes most of the eveing to the early hours, which is great. So it got me wondering when the World Cup 2014 is on, what the times are in my country and also when in Thailand, The said times below are from the official FIFA Website for the World Cup 2014 The times in black are Brazilian times and I have put Thai times in red, not sure if there is any change to time zones by the odd hour during this post. "The Opening Match will take place on 12 June in Sao Paulo, with a kick-off time of 17.00/03.00. Group-stage games will be played at 13.00/00.00, 15.00/01.00, 16.00/02.00, 17.00/03.00, 18:00/04.00, 19.00/05.00 and 21:00/07.00 local time, with knockout stage matches at 13.00/00.00 and 17.00/03.00 local time. The semi-finals will be played at 17.00/03.00 local time and the Final, on 13 July 2014 at the iconic Maracana stadium, at 16.00/02.00 local time." http://www.fifa.com/...chschedule.html Just a heads up, as i know certian BM's like to book their LOS holiday a good way in advance Pat
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