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  1. Great pics again I do the same thing myself when in Bangkok it's a good day out thanks again
  2. hi arsen hua hin is mutch more layed back than bangkok,pattaya ect it is more for familys but there is fun to be had there are no go go bars like in cowboy and nana but plenty of beer bars the bar area in hua hin is small you can walk around it in 10 mins i liked p and p bar and pink panter but one night a bar can be full and rocking the next empty really just walk around and see what bars look like fun o reillys bar is good live music most nights and better for nights with non mongering company.the hilton disco gets going late and is full of freelancers sorry never stayed at centara grand but
  3. hi gooner i have stayed at the hilton and at rest detail both good and girl friendly but there are pleny of places to stay i have not stayed there but have been told the city beach resort hotel is good and cheap and i know a ibis has just opened up in hua hin. if you can get in there is a place called evergreen boutique small but really good have a look at a web site hua hin after dark for some good info on hua hin have a good trip
  4. the landmark hotel has allways given me a late check out let me stay in my room to 8 at night i have stayed there alot and never had any problems
  5. i booked from the uk with expedia flights from bangkok with bangkok airways and 6 nigths at 4 star prince dangor hotel in siem reap cost me £595 last year but plenty of other accommodation to suit all budgets flights are only 1 hour from bangkok and you can get a visa at the airport in siem reap i would think you could get fights and hotel cheaper if you book when in bangkok but not 100% sure but i prefer to get thinks sorted before i go hope any of this helps
  6. if you after fish and chips i take it you from the uk? so just to let you know both them places do a good english breakfast to
  7. in bangkok try gullivers on soi 5 or the huntsman pub at the landmark hotel both good
  8. sorry for the late reply i would go for 4 to 5 nights plenty to do and see hua hin is not pattaya or bangkok but you can have fun there plenty of good places to stay weather you just want a guest house or a top end hotel you can pick up viagra at any of the pharmacys in hua hin
  9. thanks billy should be there for a month next year
  10. just want to make sure is the adelphi suites girl friendly
  11. been to hanoi and siem reap both great places hanoi is mad lots to see and you can go to halong bay from there food and beer cheap but not mutch on the p4p siem reap is a small place but plenty to do the angkor temples are a most see food and beer is good on pub street and plenty of girls it not bangkok many tourists there but i have allways had girls come up to me there and about 5 mins walk from pub street there is a club called the blue wave club it is a hostess bar with st rooms out back very quit when i was there i was the only 1 in there!
  12. been to hua hin 6 times mutch more laid back than samui and phuket pattaya ect but thats why i like it you will love it or hate it there are no go-go bars like in bangkok or pattaya but there are plenty of bars with friendly girls in just head for the hilton hotel most of the bars are around there never paid more 1000st 2000lt.the beach in hua hin is ok and food and beer is cheap hope you all have a good time
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