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  1. would say that they are all guest friendly in soi 4, I wouldn't worry about it unless your staying in a 5 star hotel (who sometimes charge a joiners fee)
  2. I have been up on the slow train, you can then hire a tuk tuk to take you around the temple. I got a taxi back into Bangkok - but to be honest it was awhile ago so can remember the amount of time it took. Its nice trip if you get chance.
  3. Thanks for the report. A couple of my friends who lived in Pattaya (in the early 30s) have both moved up to Udon, and described it to me as "having everything pattaya has but smaller" - doesnt really sound that way from you report lol. I was debating to go up for a trip one day, think I will give it a miss. Cheers!
  4. Whatever girl you barfine or find for the ST will be able to take you to a room that they know.
  5. +1 I regularly eat at Monsoon on soi 8, and would recommend it. Paella is great, and does wine by the glass at a decent price.
  6. Have stayed at Citidines and Aloft, never had any issues with noise (though I probably pass out blind drunk!)
  7. Dawin Hotel Soi 4 Dynasty Grande Soi 6 Dynasty Inn - soi - but no pool - ask for the new building when booking
  8. I went in to watch the football last month. It was ok, seemed to have quite a few expats in there. Some decent looking girls on the staff. I thought it was a little bit expensive for the drinks, and the service wasn't great.
  9. To be honest, I thought it was the best steak that I have had in a long time. A cheaper (not by much) option is the El Gacho steak houses, which is where I normally go. There is one under Terminal 21 at Asoke, just as you enter soi 21 The second smaller one has recently opened on soi 11. Photo below is a steak from there:
  10. Quick review of the Rib Room and Bar at the Landmark Hotel for anyone interested: The restaurant is located on the top of the Landmark hotel. There are two lifts that access the the place from the lobby. Very nice restaurant, though be aware its not too cheap. Great views as you would expect from the top floor, you can look right down into nana lol! Wine list is comprehensive with bottles on there for over 500k! lol I had the risotto and scallops to start, then the surf and turf for the main ( you have order the side dishes separate, which was vegetables and potato gratin. The girl I was with had the lamb bolognese. We had one bottle of Chilean Red, and some bottle of water. Would definitely recommend the place if you want to treat yourself. I would say the steak there was better than Gachos where I normally go at Terminal 21. Service excellent. Total price: 8300THB
  11. yep, easy to find of both sois. Used to go down there many years ago to the tunnel bar/club (i think it was called that, on the left hand side walking from soi 5).....it was of the only late night spots back in 2004 0r 2005 when the bars closed at 1 am for while.
  12. Both a little pricy, but you can get some good deals on booking.com and agoda etc Grand Millennium - 2 mins walk u the road from cowboy. The Continent Hotel- on the junction of Asoke.
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