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  1. I'm booked into Novotel in late December. Going to be interesting to give this a go.
  2. Yeah i've stayed there. It was adequate for the price. The major thing is that the breakfast is only average and fairly tasteless and the rooftop pool sucks. The "pool" is actually two small plastic wading pools sunk into a wooden deck on the roof. So if the pool is a big deal I would cancel the booking. Otherwise the stay was comfortable and rooms okay but overall nothing really special. I would give it a solid 7/10 Hope that helps.
  3. I've stayed here lots of times over the years starting when it was the Ramada Encore. The walk isn't too bad from Sukhumvit actually and to be honest the location is pretty good near Thermae. However, I stayed there in early Jan 2016 and noticed that its getting close to needing a refurbishment with little things like the carpet in the room a little threadbare in places. Also, the decking around the roof top pool on the far side was quite rotten and needs replacing and the pool could have done with a really good clean. It's still a nice hotel but im wondering if it is somewhat pricing itself out of the market given its current state. That, of course is my personal opinion. Cheers
  4. I've never bought a pack from there BUT the packaging looks spot on. I've stopped and looked a bunch of times and it looks like the real deal...but who knows what your really getting. Now, in the past i've gotten mine from Bumrungrad and im just wondering where you guys get yours from. Do you just go to a local Thai doctor for a perscription or do you bring it from home.
  5. What sort of prices are they offering? I've found that Jasmine Executive suites offers fairly decent deals and is literally on cowboys doorstep so i'm wondering how it matches up to them pricewise...might end up staying there etc.
  6. Ok so I have seen some Thai bargirls hit each other on the head which ended up in a huge melee and I know that in Thai culture it is offensive BUT can anyone tell me what it actually means and how it is so seriously offensive to someone?
  7. Yeah bangkok does really grow on you Michael. It's like a virus...gets inside you and never lets go...I even think my wife is that way now :) She was just syaing the other day how much she misses the busy, noisy streets. :)
  8. Have a look at this site. It allows you to search the "buckets" for air fares based on two city pairs. You can pretty much see everything that a travel agent can see. So have a look find fares, then copy the fare basis code and go to that airlines website and book it direct. http://matrix.itasoftware.com/?showPricePerMile=true Also, regarding Hong Kong, you can easily do it in 4 days. I actually stayed for 10 days my last trip and it was WAY too long. Be aware that HKG is crazy busy with pushy mainland Chinese all over the streets. After a while of being jostled all over the place it does start to piss you off. Some sites that I found worthwhile to see are: - The peak tram up to the peak (amazing view) - Happy Valley Race Course and Hong Kong Jockey Club - Take the Star Ferry Across to Kowloon and go to Ned Kelly's Bar - Awesome Jazz bands at night - Take the big red bus trip out to repulse bay and the markets out that direction - Go have a look at Hennesey Road/Lockhart Rd for mongering but be aware its hugely expensive As you can probably tell im not a huge Hong Kong fan. Its dirty, busy, loud, pushy, rude and bloody expensive for many things. I reckon 4 days would be HEAPS of time to get the Honkers experience. I suspect by that time you will def be ready to leave. Hope that helps Cheers
  9. I've always wondered with secrets whether, because they own the bar downstairs if they will let you bring BG's from other establishments back to your room. Is there any embargo on this?
  10. Love Suk Road! That area of bangkok gets in to your blood. I love the eclectic, busy, vibrant areas down towards soi 4 but around soi 33 area is lots of fun as well. Heres hoping to them NEVER changing it!
  11. Aint that the truth! The amount of times that we got lost walking around there was crazy. Every stall, every row looked exactly the same. I also didnt find it to be as good value as other places we had shopped at. The prices were incredibly firm and you basically had to do the "walk away" to even get a reduction/negotiation. BUT going to Chatuchak is almost a right of passage for those visiting bangers...so well worth a visit just to see the spectacle imho.
  12. Yeah that does sound like good value. Is that real cialis though? and do you require a prescription or will they sell it over the counter. I've found it kind of hit and miss overall. Never had cialis only ever used Viagra.
  13. Makes me wonder how guys like stickman get away with posting pics and stories so publicly online. It would appear that Thailands laws with both defamation and pic publishing is pretty rough. I'm not sure I would be game to run a website publicly over there with the risk of getting unmasked like stickman was etc.
  14. I am a big fan of the cajun food at Bourbon Street. The andouille sausage is to die for there BUT since it moved away from Washington square its a bit of a pain to get to...I mean you have to jump on the skytrain etc. Anyway, thats my pick...or for Thai I hit the thai place on the corner of the square across from sunrise tacos near Soi 10.
  15. I got Viagra from Bumrungrad and it cost around $45usd a box for 4 pills :( Kamagra was easily found from the pharmacy near soi 7/1 and I think I paid around 80baht per satchel for the gel.
  16. You can actually take them away as well to your hotel or most of them are using a house up the main street away from ao nang. The previous poster is right that its an alleyway across from mcdonalds in ao nang. The prices are cheap...around 1000bht short time back in your hotel plus a 500bht bar fine. Its a fun little area but the quality is no where near as good as BKK. Also be aware that if you get on the scooter with them and go back to their place that some of the dark streets out of town have a bad rep for tourists being robbed. So keep your wits about you. Also, on the main st in front of the beach there is a strip of bars near the churascaria restaurant down an alleyway. It includes airport, a country bar, and a few others. At these places there are normally bar girls available to be taken away. So all in all, although small, the P4P scene is fun down there...but its difficult to be a butterfly.
  17. Hey guys! I am keen on learning some Thai so I downloaded the pimsleur course4 but what im missing is actual Thai "talking" practice. Now on their website, Walen states that you can also do online learning through them using Skype. Unfortunately, they dont really have many details on it. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them in general and also if anyone has been taught by them via skype. I think the general cost for group lessons was around 12000 baht for 90 lessons. Anyway, appreciate any ideas. Cheers
  18. Yeah i've pretty much found the same thing that prices arn't anywhere near as good as I had expected. Now its probably because I was looking in Bangkok rather than Pattaya but I found implants ranged from 1.5-2.5k and was pretty much the same as Australia. Bumrungrad was horribly over-priced when I finally managed to get a response out of them. The other thing that scared me was going to one of the smaller guys and having them screw and implant up etc
  19. I stayed there in March and can say that it isnt guest friendly. I was in the corner suites, which are awesome rooms with a 6 person jacuzi by the way, and when I went to take someone back it was a big issue. Even though I had booked 2 adults into the room they still didnt want to let the BG upstairs. Eventually they relented after I said I would check out..but it was a very unfriendly experience. Also, the staff will try and pimp you for tailors and tours etc...not something you would expect at an expensive hotel.
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