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  1. OMG. I was ripped off, extorted, screamed at, and kicked out after 3 days of my 20 night stay. OK, Here is my story, believe or Not, it is true. My g/f had her period accidental in the middle of the night. I was embarrassed went downstairs, apologized and paid for the streets. Then, I was sick, yes a couple of beers, but Food Poisoning, expected when visiting. As you all mostly know! I again apologized and freely paid. My g/f stupidly cleaned up with towel. OMG! What can I say, a Thai g/f. I went down to Pattaya for a couple of nights. When I came back the Manager was in my face.. screaming at me. She said, the money I paid was not enough. She demanded more, for sheets and towels..I knew I was being extorted, but I paid. Got RECEIPTS! Then, UnFuk'n Believable she accused me of damage to the headboard of the bed. I did not do it. I swear to God and Buddha! I even showed it to the person who first checked me in to the the I-Check Inn Nana Hotel. I asked to speak to the General Manager as I-Check Inn has several locations. She screamed at me. I am the Boss here...No one else! I relunctingly paid as I knew "NO" Hope. She then, kicked me out of Hotel, as a said after 3 days of my stay of twenty. I wrote to Agoda.com and they just replied to her lieing letter she mailed to Agoda.com NO Help Agoda.com . Let the buyers beware. I expect to be charged extra for the Mini Bar at almost every hotel in Thailand. But never kicked out. I was honest, and upfront, I apologized and paid twice for the sheet and then, for something I did not do. I was in room 611. How many others have been charged extra for the headboard of the same bed..I wonder. Another example of the Hotel Mafia. I even requested the police be called, when I was kicked out. She brought in her stupid ignorant security guard who could not speak a word of English...in at least this venue. Worst hotel in Bangkok. I guess they need the rooms for the rich protester after the P.M. was ousted. Thank you whoever I am home now. Military Que and all. I think maybe they were just uping their profits as they new what awaited them soon...Empty beds for as long as their wicked eyes could see.
  2. What my lazy butt want to know if there is any way to cut through 7/1 Soi 9 area to come through an alley to break out on to Soi 11 without needing to walk all the way out to Sukhumvit and back... Great pictures
  3. Sukhumvit is not too sleazy, unless you venture into a Soi, now go to Soi 6- Pats- that is my definition of sleazy street, and I love it, Love it, Yes, I do!. Thank you, Mik for the lyrics!
  4. I am a sick bastard too! Love this story ha ha!
  5. I will never stop carpet munching :rolleyes:
  6. If we keep it to stockings and lingerie and give them at beginning of trip. We will at least enjoy.. nit noy
  7. I just got to go there once, seeing I've known so many ladies from there.
  8. Anywhere the Japanese go. The girls all know they love to here it. :)
  9. Never been, yet interesting little soi. Check out Dr. B J's he he he that would be my Beevis and butthead chuckle :lol:
  10. Yes you have to pay more unless you book on Agoda. Then, you get a second towel, A/c. I don't know about Askoke, but have stayed in many Tunes- they do not have mini-bar or fridge. Guestfriendly even two if not make a habit of it.
  11. Ha Ha This thread needs pictures. :P
  12. Coming in always late. I get second wind for at least ST. By that time I have been up 30 hours plus with layovers. Happy Happy! Get up at noon, From there on it's just will power for the next few days to never go to sleep until at least midnight. Then it clicks for me and all set. Going back home it take over a week for me. I think part of it is just depression of leaving.
  13. Just ask any of the Booths selling what ever when you are leaving. Ask them where Public Taxis are you pay 50 baht extra say Meter 400 baht, I have even gone upstairs/esculators to Arrivals and caught Taxi dropping off people. They are abit nervous, but never been refused. Always, when your in any taxi in Bangkok say Meter, Meter if they No, just flag them off. The next one will steer in and put his meter on.
  14. I have always rented bike on the islands, Samui, Kho Chang, and Phuket, also in Chiang Mai and up in Chiang Rai. Never, Never, Never would I in Bangkok.
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