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  1. Yearly pilgrimage to Nana Plaza in two weeks time - can't wait!

  2. I use Pttaxi of pattaya. Look at their website for details.
  3. I made this trip last Sunday from the taxi meter rank at subvarnibhumi airport to Majestic Suites hotel using the toll highway but I got the driver to drop me off in the nana hotel car park. My cost in total was 386 baht. Meter start 35 baht + taxi moving on road 226 baht (261) toll 1 25 baht + toll 2 50 baht (have small cash to hand) Plus the airport taxi tax add on of 50 baht. = 386 baht. This journey was made around four in the afternoon. Due to previous experience with lower sukhumvit traffic and the one way system I get my driver to drop me off in the nana hotel car park and mak
  4. Bring on March and return to Soi 4

  5. October return - Nat has left Tilac and I won't see her again.

    1. ianjamesmax


      Don't worry..plenty more fish in the sea!!

    2. Cheekychaser


      The new catch usually want a little bit more money

  6. Not Bangkok but Pattaya (Tim's pharmacy on Second road) I bought a box of Sidegra(4 x 100mg) for 350 baht. Seems prices are variable depending on pharmacy.
  7. Tomorrow night return to Nana Plaza- Marvellous!!

  8. Roll on Good Friday - and wheels up again to Thailand.

  9. Possible thousand baht fine and one month in prison. Should have gone to Nana car park and spent a thousand baht on a freelancer and wanked all over her. Would have avoided a possible one month in jail where 'Mr Big whose in with the warders' may wank all over him or worse.
  10. Flying today - arrive for the craic.

  11. Three weeks to go!!!

  12. Return to Mongkok next March.

  13. I have used the Majestic Suites on my last four visits to Bangkok - October and June 2011 and September and May 2010. And it is an ideal hotel, as described by comingtobkk for the purpose of meeting the ladies - and the skytrain is very close as well. I agree with the comments about the hostess at the restuarant but she sees the steady stream of ladies coming out of the lift every morning as they leave the hotel after picking up their ID cards at reception and anyone would get indifferent to it all. She does a good job and I would not criticise her with what must be the daily grind of sorting
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