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    Tennis Player

    Hello guys, Currently in bangkok staying in Ekkamai area, I am looking for a partner for do some tennis game on a weekly basis. Evening or afternoon time is not a problem for me. I will stay in Bangkok for few months so feel free to let me know. I am not Federer but I know how to hit a ball. I am 24 years old. Cheers
  2. Hi folks, We booked a two bedroom suite with my bro and was wondering if any of you already been there ?
  3. Grand President mate. Make sure to book Junior Suite or Deluxe suite. Great value for the price. I have my Deluxe suite booked for January !
  4. The dress code is "up to u" dress code ... :P Have seen backpackers with short, flip flop and shirts....up to jean and polo. Well, as you know, if you dress "nicely" and "normally" the girls will see you better value. Personally I used to go in Jean/Polo/Basket and no problem at all. The only clubs I have been where you have to be a minimum "well dressed" (with jean and polo + shoes...) is Bed supperclub. Hit this club, you will enjoy mate.
  5. Hi Guys How much is the bottle of spirit ? (let's say Greey Goose vodka). Are you getting bottle service if you buy one ? Can you keep it at your name if you did not finish ? What about the FL situation ? Are they any kind of FL ? What time ? Worth the visit ?
  6. March 2012 I have stayed 3 nights at the president solitaire. Did not book in advance, just arrived and get the "standard room" for around the price you are saying. However better to book internet via their website or agoda as you can get a discount. About the hotel I had no problem at all, very clean, GF, very good breakfast buffet (only eat once in 4 days....haha), staff are warm and welcoming, you get a kind of tea at your check in, well nothing bad to say ! The location is great, 2 minutes from bed supperclub and Q-Bar (kind of "Hi So" clubs, the girls going there are hots and good looking, well dressed etc...). You are also 2 minutes from Climax club (just under the neighbor hotel ... I believe it was Grand President hotel)... more students and girls going there. You also have a change, ATM, great Aussie Bar opposite of the hotel (great burgers btw!), 5 minutes from Soi Cowboy, 30 sec from 7/11. I have taken 2 FL from Climax, the 2 of thems 8/10, 3 holes. Paid 2000 for LT. Q-bar only took one, she was 9/10 but the less performing... I am going back in BKK in Jan 2013 and will stay in the same place for sure ! Hope it will help Cheers
  7. Hey hihiho,

    You are searching for a wingman in BKK?

    Contact me, I will be there at the same time!

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