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  1. jcnbkk

    visa info

    Wow, been on that website numerous times and never saw that page. Had a friend show me how to get there by baht bus from Mo Chit on the cheap. Thanks.
  2. So how did it all work out for you. This forum thread is from '09 so before I weigh in want to know if still active, Will throw out there that I use Kbank in Bkk and some policies vary branch to branch. And their Los Angeles branch is separate from Thailand. No access between accounts.
  3. Is this the joeyjay? Handsome maaaaan joeyjay. The famous joeyjay, from LA joeyjay? If ya, friend me. If not, oops. Hi

  4. Just had a "duh" monent. Well of course pattaya-addicts has a sister site. Actually wouldn't it be a bro site? "duh"

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