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  1. My last trip to BKK I stayed at both the JW and Marriott Marquis Queens' Park. The Marquis was nicer, but the JW was being remodeled, so I would assume it is in really nice shape now, It is very convenient to Nana, and is a step above the Intercontinental.
  2. I would go with Mandarin Oriental, or The Siam for Luxury. Rosewood is also nice. Upscale and fun are also Marriott Marquis Queens Park, Sheraton Grande, Sofitel, and Park Hyatt.
  3. Still close to many parlors on 33, plus it is a great Hotel. Being a Lifetime Titanium member, they treat me pretty well.
  4. Thanks for your review. I'm still on tap for my Feb trip and will split my time between here and the Marriott Marquis Queen's Park, which I have stayed at before.
  5. Sorry to say that I had to postpone the trip until Feb. Still going to spend the first 3 nights at the Sheraton so I will see it first hand. I'm sure it will be a great stay though, based on all of the feedback that I have received. Will let you know then.
  6. Anybody know what happened to Bangkok Redeye Website? The guy was posting information and updates on a regular basis, and he all of a sudden seems to have gone away. I did send him an e-mail through his website, and didn't get an answer. He sight was very informative, and I looked forward to the updates. Was also hopping he would do a section about Kapoo Clubs. Miss his updates!!
  7. When was there last September, I ran into a gentleman whi had flown in from Saudi Arabia, just to have testing done at Bumrungrad. He said it was far superior and far cheaper than any care he could get in SA. My local friend in BKK verified that as well, and said that you could go in 1 day and over a 3 day period get every test in the book at a great price. I have not experienced it firsthand, but people who have rave about the Medical, and Dental Care in Thailand.
  8. What would be closest to the Queen's park or Terminal 21 area?
  9. The Majestic or Dynasty properties are better than Nana, and pretty close. Haven't stayed at the Landmark, but see very good reviews on it. I always stay at the JW when I am in that area, and it is great, though probably out of your budget. Never had an issue bringing 1/2 ladies there with no extra charges.
  10. It is convenient, but there are much better places to stay that are close. Nana is pretty much a dump these days.(In my opinion).
  11. I just booked the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit for under $150 a night for July, and it is a great property, and also convenient.
  12. Thanks for the info. I actually got a contact at the Hotel and they are setting me up pretty nicely. Since I am also a Travel Agent, they are going to have me meet with their Sales people and the GM, and give me a nice tour of the property. Looking forward to staying there at least for part of my July trip.
  13. I am a Platinum Elite with Marriott, an dthey have great benefits at the JW and the Queen's Park in the Lounge. Like 2-3 meals a day and Free Cocktails. Hard to pass up, but I would like to try the Sheraton Grand for a couple of nights on my next trip. Anyone have knowledge if they have an Executive Lounge, and if so, what service do they have there? Thanks!
  14. I forgot to also add, that transfers to/from the airport are also available.
  15. Last week while I was in BKK, I booked a Tour of the River area and China Town, using Patti at www.thaitravelcorner.com. I found her on Craig's List, so I wasn't sure if she is a legit Tour Operator or not. I also am a Travel Agent, and have a couple of clients coming to BKK in the next couple of months, so I wanted to check her out. She is not licensed, but in my mind that is a good thing, as her prices are great. She is also willing to take clients to the night spots such as Nana and Cowboy. So, she would be great for 1st time visitors to BKK. She has lived in BKK most of her life, and
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