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  1. ok, train for daytime and taxi if its not in high trafic time.
  2. taxi seem less complicated and its not expenssive.
  3. What is the best option to go to an hotel late at night from the Bangkok airport? and how much does it cost? (by easiest i mean not complicated and not to expenssive) how long do it take? i know there is sex taxi from bangkok to Pattaya , any option like this from airpoart to bangkok? (long enough and how much?)
  4. There is also one named Majestic suite, is it the same hotel ? Any discreet entrance too?
  5. apcalis is better then cialis in Thailand, you have less risk to buy fake stuff because they are less expenssive.
  6. apcalis are the best i tried in Thai, very good for a fuck fest. Never any problem to fuck 10+ time a day with that.
  7. i got a response from Majestic suite : 2 adult in 1 room, no charge for bringing guests and they take their Id. Sound good to me.
  8. Another post on that subject, sorry, but it's always good to have some help to make a final decision like that. I contacted a few hotel before booking to be sure about they are girls friendly and if they charge for additional guests. Here the list of what i am looking for and also a list of some place who look good for my needs: Not cheap , but not too expensive (i avoid everything over 75$-100$ by night) I don't need restaurant on place, i always eat outside. Clean (no short time place with cum on the walls) Quiet (if its possible near nana), i sleep late(after the bar closing time) but its a plus if its quiet 24/24 Close to nana plaza (5 minutes walk, cowboy seem cool too, but nana plaza seem to suit better for me so it is more important for me to be close to nana. Anything by 5min walk of nana and also cowboy would be perfect if it exist.) Girls friendly (at least for 1 girls at time, i fuck a lot in a day, but i rarely bring 2 at the same time, but no charge at all even for 2 would be perfect for threesome) Daily maid service Jacuzzi and balcony are a must but i don't care if there is not. Comfortable bed (nothing under queen size, king is the best) Late(early?) checking (my plane land at midnight[it is late or early?]) Id check is not mandatory, i can manage it, but it's ok if there is. I prefer to avoid walk of shame, tips to guardian and other stuff like this if it is possible. AC is mandatory, other equipment like fridge are nice to have but no required. Here the list of the place i contacted, any info about is welcome (good choose?better choice? etc.). I will give feed back on the response of the hotel i connected when i will get responses. majestic suite hotel nana plaza boss suite heaven at 4
  9. What are the girls friendly place near nan? 5-10min walk max no charge for lady at least for 1 but better for 2 no too expensive (75-100 by night max or under)
  10. look at the curve on the mattress .... damn even my 15yo mattress don't have a curve like that.
  11. did they charge for guests? (1 or more?).
  12. Majestic is girls friendly (multiple girls for threesome?) without additional charge and by walking distance of nana plaza?
  13. is it girls friendly ? if wyes , are they charting fee's for girls?(1 or more)
  14. i need info on this place too, or any info on other girls friendly with no fee's for guest and next to nana plaza by walk.
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