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  1. I love the Landmark Corner rooms. Yes they are pricier and if you aren't in the room much then I agree it may not be worth it. However I have had so much fun with the girls on the couch - for me it really adds to the enjoyment to have another 'scene' besides the bed or bathroom. On top of that I enjoy the lounging around on the couch between bouts and having more space to eat if I order delivery or whatever.
  2. I've done it plenty of times when the spirit moved me with bargirls, never had a problem. I don't think most were fully shaved....
  3. I'm sorry that I don't have a legit answer for the OP, and I hope that he finds a good one and lets us know if it is a recommendation! That being said, I agree with this comment in terms of my own personal agenda: I'm going on a detox before I leave, so that I can enjoy myself to the max while in country, and then I will detox after! It is part of my pre-trip and post-trip routine...
  4. I concur - if you can afford it, IMHO the Landmark is very nice and super convenient. I usually spring for the club level and enjoy the breakfast, evening meal, some free laundry, and the great views from the high floors.
  5. Oh man I know the feeling and I'm similarly relieved. Although to be honest I wasn't *that* worried this time. Your expression reminds me of my most shit-my-pants freakout -- it was when the most recent coup happened shortly I was due to arrive for a similarly rare trip. I'm lucky that I get to the Big Mango once a year, and maybe a week if that. So my time there is precious and anything that threatens it basically strikes terror in my heart! As well as other body parts... But my point was that even after the military rule and despite all the talk about curfews, I was fine, I was free to indulge as much as I could, and my trip was only limited by my own physical and mental weaknesses. Then last year my trip overlapped with a national holiday and I was able to overcome the bar closures with a little advance planning as well as Smooci, and still had a great time. So while I do not want to become complacent, I'm growing to be less concerned about the potential for disruptions. Where there is a wicked will there is a way as you say! I'm sober every trip! There are definitely some elements of self-consciousness that I experience walking into various dens of sin, but mainly it just heightens the experience to me. 35 days and I can't wait! I should be arriving mid afternoon if all goes well. I usually go for a massage for my first stop so I'm debating where to head first - I'll be giddy for the next 35 days in anticipation.
  6. Just to further confirm our thinking on this: 1) this NYT op-ed https://nyti.ms/2HgktiQ notes the election is already delayed to March and discusses it in the context of "everyone is promising it won't be delayed any further past March" and links to this article, 2) http://str.sg/ou5i which has more government statements (Deputy PM) asserting the same ideas that 24 Feb is not tenable and promising that it wont be any later than March. Which still makes me nervous for my March dates of 4-10, but the 10th is my early departure day so I'm less worried if it is then.
  7. Thank you Tom for the link and the reassurance. I see there are a few developments that point to a delay, although it has not officially been delayed yet. Specifically they have also not officially called for the 24 Feb election, even though the date has been announced, and the negative statements on the part of the government. I suppose, before reading your link and then a few other news reports I found online, that I had many seen the headlines concerning the protests by activists who are in favor of keeping the 24 Feb and that sort of reinforced my naivety and my paranoia that it would remain as scheduled. That's showing my western bias. Of course, my last day in BKK this trip is 9 March as I depart on the 10th, so I could still catch some effects if the election is delayed until the 10th. However it would be less severe an issue than the 24th, for me. Safe travels!
  8. I had bought my tickets that included a brief layover in BKK February 23rd and 24th one day before the Feb 24 election was announced! I panicked a bit since I don't get to the Big Mango very often. However I recall being in town on one of the Buddhist holidays - even thought the bars and gogos were closed, I survived the daytime in the oily massage shops and the nighttime with smooci. So if the election is not delayed, I will plan on more massage / smooci / even FL and hope that it is only the bars / gogos that are affected by the election. To my understanding (and hope), it is only the places serving alcohol that are affected, as there are prohibitions against drinking before/ on the election. Fingers crossed. I have had a few panic attacks when Thai politics have run into my monger vacay plans.
  9. I have no experience with the other two - but just to be sure no one is confused by tread title - Majestic (either location) is not on Soi 11. Majestic is on Sukhumvit right around the corner from Soi 4. Great location as far as I am concerned, super convenient to NEP and Nana BTS. Majestic Grande is on Soi 2. Also pretty good location, on the 'other' side, i.e. west side of NEP from the other location. Nicer hotel, slightly more expensive, and slightly more steps from NEP and Nana BTS. Both are super close to the Nana sign FLs that is opposite NEP, as well as they myriad FLs up and down Soi 4. Not sure if those are the FLs you are interested in, or others.
  10. I personally always go for the Club access. That way my breakfast gets covered and I typically eat a light meal there during cocktail hour between my afternoon oily and evening go-gos when I stop by the hotel to freshen up. Also as I'm usually heading somewhere for business, the few pieces of free laundry are nice. Upon return stays they have given free upgrades to corner which is nice for the extra space as noted above. Just a personal comfort thing for me. To each their own!
  11. Was in Annie's last night and mamasan was recommending few of the larger ladies. They were all curvy sexy and cute just not my type.
  12. I enjoy the Landmark. Short walk to both Nana plaza and BTS. Club room includes breakfast buffet and evening snacks and drinks in their top floor lounge.
  13. I'll second the Landmark. Not mid price (it's pricey for the area) but is good value for me especially the club floor with evening food and drinks ...
  14. Glad to hear this note. Never been in but always looked. I've always got my Indian fix up Soi 3 or more recently at the hookah restaurant down Soi 4.
  15. Damn that's a good price. I'll have to look up the closest to nana. I usually try to pop into Fuji Sushi which is on 3rd floor of Terminal 21 I think. I get a nice set of salmon sashimi for about that same price!
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