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  1. And the yearly question: any news where to get Apcalis/Cialis at the moment in Bangkok :)? Thx!
  2. An update where to get Apcalis (Cialis) in Bangkok at the moment? will arrive in one month :)
  3. I can higly recommend "Little Italy", the restaurant on Sukhumvit just near Soi Cowboy. They had the best Spaghetti Carbonara I have ever eaten. Sure I love Thai food, but after three weeks I wanted something else. Tip: When you pass Little Italy on Sukhumvit and go to the BTS/Stairs, there are small stairs (going up to a hotel?). A very nice looking freelancer was talking to me there, sitting a little bit in the shadow. Seems to be a place to maybe get a better experience than 200m away in Cowboy.
  4. Jom

    Hi Mark, since I had some "strange" experiences in Bacarra and Tilac these days I thought I would come over to your place.

    Seems you are in town and it would be great if you could have a beer together this night?

    Cheers Jom

  5. Seems easy to get, but I went to 5 book stores already and the only thing they have are dictionaries. Most of them only Thai->English with cartoon figures and complete nonsense headlines like "how to speak feel play" (i think they mean: "How to speak about feelings") I would search for a book with most common phrases, printed in English, Thai (to show someone) and "vocal language" (to try to speak it which seems almost be impossible to understand for Thai people, but can give you a hint to remember some phrase you heard already).
  6. As a seafood-lover I am always searching for good quality restaurants with a good price and that I can reach pretty easy. So today I was heading to Asok to take the BTS to Siam Center, but then did enter Terminal 21 which I never was before. Completely new build, every floor another city: London, Rome, Istanbul and so ever. It sells mainly overpriced clothing in styles I do not like, But at the ground floor there is a fabulous gourmet supermarket (fresh cut fruits, fresh juices, fresh made lasagne and other food) that is really well stocked (much better then the supermarket in MBK). http://www.terminal21.co.th/main/store_content/11 And there are some small restaurants, where one was really my kind: you sit on a "bar" with a small grill before you and they have 10 seafood dishes that are made right before you. Nothing is overcooked and you get plenty of sideorders included. Everything is 150 Baht: 3 big prawns, 6 big mussels and so on. It tastes really well, is fast and fresh and cheap. Only bad thing is, that you will probably not get enough with one meal and the second one comes again with all the side dishes. You do not have to take them but the price is the same. But it still is a very high recommendation of mine! (I love Thai food but at some point I just want the real taste of some food without any spicy or sweet sauces and whatsoever). I will be there tomorrow again and update its name since I could not find it in the food list of Terminal 21 http://www.terminal21.co.th/main/store_content/9
  7. Love scene is really a good hint. Was there with my lady, but she did only see it from the outside, so she was completely stunned that we had to enter through the kitchen (I was really not knowing what was going on when we entered). But its really nice inside and the thai-food is pretty good and cheap. A great restaurant for anyone that wants to impress a guest, when you enter through the kitchen and find this cozy room behind it :)
  8. Last time I was in BKK in early September every hotel had many free rooms. Since I will go again in September I am not sure if I should reserve a room or try my luck right when I am there, What do yo think, how can I get the best deal? Town Lodge with the Jacuzzi looks great..do the take extra for girls staying with you?
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