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  1. I have left my luggage at hotels multiple times & have never had any issues. It also doesn't cost anything in comparison to baggage storage. Just lock your bag, its easy to break open the zipper on a suitcase so the lock is really just keeping the honest honest.
  2. I live directly across the street from a 6 flags. Guess I will skip it when in Thailand.
  3. Yeah, I think that is how they unlock the phones to be used on any network. You have to be careful though cause if you take the phone to Apple for any reason and they see it is jailbroken it voids the warranty on the phone. This way people can avoid all of that.
  4. Well my whole point with the GEVEY sim unlocker is that you dont have to unlock the phone or give the phone to someone else to make it woork. Just buy the sim card and you are up and running.
  5. For anyone that is interested. iPhone's as everyone knows are quite the pain in the ass when it comes to travel. Especially if you are on AT&T. They will not unlock the phone unless it is out of contract or you pay out the pricey remainder of your contract. I have traveled and used the GEVEY Ultra in multiple countries that use GSM and never had a problem. Will work in Thailand which is why I figured I would throw this out there for people. http://www.applenberry.com/gevey-ultra/
  6. My first time to Thailand will be in January so I can't speak for Thailand but I have been to many places much more dangerous and never run into trouble just taking percautions that to me are common sense. I also almost always am carrying around a camera with a value of about $5,000 usd. Im a photographer so I always have it and have never run into any problems there either. I just look around and make sure people know I'm looking around and am cautious of my surroundings. I always lock up valuables and electronics in the room safe the best I can and hide everything else in a bag and out of site and mind for anyone entering my room.
  7. Has anyone ever stayed at the Citrus Sukhumvit 22? It got pretty good reviews and thats where I booked but was just curious. I prefer the smaller hotels over the crazy big hotels so this seemed a little more up my alley.
  8. Anyone ever heard about locals grabbing their camera equipment and running? I'm a photographer and bringing a bunch of equipment with me.
  9. I think the issue here is the availability of CLEAN tattoo shops around Bangkok. I myself am heading there in January and plan on getting some ink done. I can not give any advice but will kee a eye on this post for information for myself.
  10. I am a photographer and going in January to Thailand. A major part of my trip is dedicated to taking pictures of temples and sites around Thailand. I am also a avid foodie so that will play a major part into my travels. When it comes to the women of Thailand I find that they are among some of the most attractive women in the world and have been torn whether or not to partake in some of the lustful excitement that the country has to offer. As I have researched Thailand more and more for my trip I find that the information about the lustful side of Thialand is becoming more and more of a good idea to take part of in my adventures. I find that while even if I had full intention of sticking to my sites and eateries around Thailand and avoiding the ladies in Thailand my nature instinct will get the best of me and I will probably indulge on that part of Thailand as well. I would just say go and enjoy yourself and if you stumble upon a woman there that sparks a interest don't deny yourself a pleasure you will someday come to regret.
  11. Any photographers out there ever had this problem? Where someone cuts the camera strap and takes off running with your gear?
  12. Does anyone have an info on being able to get a sim card over there for my iPhone? It is unlocked so thats not the issue. I'm more interested in what services are there and what ones people recommend.
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