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  1. As topic title inquires, any decent Basketball courts in Bangkok that runs pickup games?
  2. About 1 month to go!

  3. I've seen the worst, horrid LB's on the street, and I think to myself...what's the point of trying to be female if you can't look like one? And I don't think I've ever seen any LB's aged in the late 30's. Do they just look settled in the living/working society?
  4. If I was to stay close to the shopping areas of MBK, and Siam Paragon, and further away from the mongering area of Nana, and Asok.. then I think Rajtaevee ain't a bad choice. Just checked at Agoda site, and the hotel Siam Swana looks great too. Its near a BTS station for transportation, and pretty much close to both MBK, and Siam Paragon.
  5. I bought Kamagra blue pill (non-gel) from a pharmacy in Phaya Thai with no prescription needed. I took half of the pill, and its effect lasted for a good 3-1/2hrs.
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