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  1. That hotel is not girlfriendly , they can confirm to you by email this info , send them short inquiry to be 200% sure As a 5 star hotel ( by name -totally outpriced for what they offer...) maybe they can look you bad way for bringing a bar girl , face wash to cumply with their standards Totally recommend to stay at a girlfriendly hotel / suite / apartment much cheap with full of accomodations and spend on having fun with more than one girl ! because at the end you will be doing what you will be doing at thr room....big bed and big shower enought All the best
  2. I had on excel format a list that contain the following info after sending more than 300 emails to different hotels at bangkok after a huge research during months Name of hotel Adress Distance to Nana and Soi Cowboy Room type , square meters and price for 9 nights Girlfriendly or not / if not how much they will charge I will be glad to upload it if anyone can teach me how to , for those interested just send me message with email where to send All the best
  3. During my first trip have some old days internet meeting girlfriend during few days staying with me ... One day before she comes , bought her multiple gifts (for a price that was awesome ) and left it at the desk so the next day she woke up can see them. Get a huge WTF face when i saw her taking them from the wrapped plastic they come covering them , watching them , and placing them back into the wrapped plastic !!! no explanation given :huh: as was useful things like a Handbag , make up box , etc... Our mind without any knowledge could think that she would even give it to a friend when you left or shit like that Fly out from Thai , come back home and find a blog dont remember where with something about it ...I get a bigger fool face when i see the meaning as was exposed there . It tells that they leave it like that to show / proff everyone around her that is a gift ! :blink: Can anyone confirm this info i read ?
  4. I will really appreciate if someone could explain me what has the word "LIMO" has become to in Thailand...
  5. Thanks to you , im scoring Pattaya next March , only had few days last trip there and disgracely i was with girlfriend hanging of me like a 15 Kgs monkey on my back !
  6. Will suggest you to have a look at Agoda.com and focus Sukuhmvit area mosty nearby Nana or Asok BTS where is most of the action and central for all your mongering needs There are good references about hotels in Nana/Asok like The boss suites , The Key , ... hope you find what you are looking for
  7. Thanks much for your reply , but was really looking for some personnel experience with this matter to follow any good recommendation ;)
  8. Made in Thailand .... to satisfy those ( me included ) smoking mongers that spend many hours between airports and look desperate to smoke cigarrete just before departing or after having some food previous our flight Ambients inside seems to be like an old days pub where Cohiba cigar was the star of the night This really makes my day as 4 hours at Airport and 12 flying home was difficult to beat without thinking in the vicious Thanks airport management , many airports there should follow this example :) Located not even 300 meters from embarking gate
  9. ABLOOM EXCLUSIVE SERVICED APARTMENTS Afternoon gents , I am so glad and excited about my first hotel stay ever in Bangkok last September that will like to share photos of it . The hotel staff was great and react promply to any request done , their facilities were very nice ,all was as expected and shown in photo . They have nice swimming pool (30 meters ) , sauna and a little gym with few machines for at least keep you in shape while there .For those who we like training hard is not enought but no problem Hotel was GF and +10 in confidentiality as local girlfriend history while there proff it, was also an experience to add this umforgettable first trip Located at Sanam Pao BTS ,ideal for those who a bird singing is the only thing that want to hear thought windows , not even cars/motorbike sounds Hotel rate in Mid September Mid October was 2.200 THB / day the room shown below . Most probably will repeat maybe not all my stay but worth to stay few days . In my country room like this could cost you around 300 Euros / day... The looby and kitchen The bedroom with gigantic stores (most probably a family can store their clothes there ! and there are more in the lobby Shower .... what to say about ..We all love to shower with our girl/s ,how they take care about us even the smallest detail...Can shower 3 persons by the same time and still space for 2 more ! Swimming pool ( gym nearby and sauna inside bathrooms ) Hotel exterior look Hotel recepcion waiting area View from Balcony ( taken last evening at Bangkok :( ) Not to be mentioned that these walls during 18 days where witness of my best fucks ever ...
  10. Hi there gents , This is something that i should had look for it while in Thailand , but my problem is that as a good newbie i invest all my time in bar action :rolleyes: and did not check out Myself , due to my job stress , much times i feel anxiety going and coming around . When in Bangkok always think about learning some Tai-Chi techniques to control it , but i always try to fight my anxiety with jack daniels and few girls around me , if you can not win this way you can forget about for a while . Sometimes it works but other dont as anxiety use to appear when non of stress is presented . So for those that can have the kwnoledge , could you please advise a good place to learn Tai-Chi in Bangkok , as local speciality it should be someone like the Master of Bruce Lee but of this art Coming back very early next year and will like to visit one of them Thanks in advanced
  11. I asked about this customs and many other to few bar girls, most of them can not explain and some of them look you like a "fool" when you ask about thai culture, i am only trying to addapt! without sucess in this matter
  12. Read below that is cheaper than Thailand, how much cheap? anyone could update me prices as i am willing to expand my mongering experience
  13. Hi there , I am a real freak of motorcycles , change every year and have few at home ( Aprilia Dordosuro 1200 and SXV 550 ) use to go to track with them and have years experience on Has really the idea of renting motorbike at Bangkok while i was there but wait .....what kind of traffic is that ? everyone do what they want but everybody understand ?? . WTF Most probably i would had accident as i know how much i like to run avoiding traffic Did not see motorcycles bigger than 500cc only King guards riding BMW 1200GT and one day people on KTM adventure coming from route What about you guys ? I finally do not rent , but any of you go adventure and ride thought bangkok ? :blink: All the best
  14. Dont do at other country what you will never do at yours ;)
  15. Thanks for the link , i have test my self in life when in Thailand that google translator 70% of times is no good Even if you translate to thai and then to english , sometimes get desperate with this and finding where to place a word inside a phrase Sometimes you write without sense and translation is better LOL
  16. this one is also interesting http://www.thai-language.com/
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