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  1. I read some stories from guys that fucked maids in Pattaya. But all of the stories were at least 10+ years old. Usually most if not all hotels nowadays in the toutist areas have very strict rules for their staff when it comes to contacting guests. If a maid indeed would fuck a guest in the hotel room and hotel management will get aware of this, the maid will most probably get fired. Too much risk and usually not enough reward for the girls. But as usual TIT and YMMV 😉
  2. I'm getting old [emoji53] Obviously I never paid attention for these mirrors, when I stayed there Gesendet von meinem EML-L29 mit Tapatalk
  3. Stayed many times at Baraquda in recent years. The standard rooms as well es the standard suite definitely have no mirrors on the wall. Maybe the Grand Baraquda Suite does have these mirrors, but I really doubt it. Maybe you mix things up with Penthouse hotel. Gesendet von meinem EML-L29 mit Tapatalk
  4. at Pullman hotel, staff never asked for ID of joiners, but it's a bit more pricey then your price range
  5. usually taxis will do the job, they are safe and cheap, if the driver doesn't want to turn on the meter than just get off and get in to another taxi Uber is usefull when you want to go to uncommon areas that are far away, because some drivbers don't want to go that far
  6. I stayed there twice already ... it's a 4 star hotel with 5 star make up appearance ... definately great bang for your bucks.
  7. I always use Ann's taxi service: http://pattaya-taxiservice.com/index.html 1.200 THB all inclusive for the transfer from Sukhumvit Road to Pattaya and vice versa. Always reliable, always on time, always decent to good cars
  8. AFAIK they are, but recently changed name: http://www.tripadvisor.de/Hotel_Review-g293916-d1454785-Reviews-Studio_Sukhumvit_18_by_iCheck_inn-Bangkok.html
  9. In the past I had 2 girls in my room at the following hotels: Westin Grand Sukhumvit Plaza Athenee - Le Royal Meridien Sofitel So Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok (but that was a couple of years ago) No problem passing the lobby and for sure no joiner fee
  10. The Imperial Suite at Sofitel Sukhumvit and the So VIP Suite at Sofitel So have everything you are looking for, but even with a private sale you will have to pay way beyond 20.000 THB per night. Savvy Suite at Aloft also looks nice. Or Pathumwan Horizon Terrace Suite at Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Maybe you take a look a Jacuzzi Deluxe room at Fusion Suites. It's definately affordable but I can't say anything about the firmness of the mattress there. Same for the Executive Jacuzzi Suite at Jasmin City Hotel. Or maybe the Jacuzzi Corner in the Junior Suites at Privacy Suites is ok for you.
  11. Hm, I already stayed a couple of times at DoubleTree and while I agree that the DoubleTree is the better value than the Hilton it's definately not the better hotel. The rooms are very small (except the Deluxe Suite) und you can hear everything what happens on the floor or in the room next door. Plus it's highly frequented by chinese tour group so all facilities including the restaurant for breakfast are crowded with them. Anyway I have a booking for my next stay in june at the DoubleTree (and at Sofitel Sukhumvit as well). You can't beat the Deluxe Suite for less than 34k points ;)
  12. No, not at all, just someone who really enjoys and values quality accomodation. Feel free to stay elsewhere if your preferences are different than mine
  13. Then they must have changed their joiner policy. A couple of years ago a stayed there many times I never had any problems with temporary guest. Even two girls from an escort agency didn't cause any questions or problems.
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