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    Overstay - Warning

    On 22 Oct 2014 I went to the Government Center at Chaeng Wattana for a 1 year extension, 90 day report and re-entry. It took about 2 hours for the extension, 15 minutes for the 90 day report and 45 minutes for the re-entry with a 1 hour lunch break between the extension and 90 day report. Nothing has changed as far as the procedure, requirements or price from last year. However, I did see a sign regarding overstay that I don’t recall seeing before. If you are apprehended and have overstayed your VISA less than 1 year then you will not be allowed to return for 5 years and if more than 1 year then you will not be allowed to return for 10 years. You could probably buy your way out of this situation but I suspect that it would be rather expensive. Regards Silky
  2. can you send me the un-restricted photos? [email protected] thanks

  3. The Interview I arrived at the DFW Airport and took the train to Terminal-D. There were no Global Entery Signs so I asked at an information booth and was told to take an elevator to the 1st floor. That is outside the secure area so I had to clear security again for my next flight. Took the elevator down, made my way to the main corridor and immediately spotted the GE sign. Entered, confirmed my reservation and was told to wait outside with 5 others. When I was called inside the interview went like this: I need your passport and drivers license. Is this your current address? Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been found in violation of any Immigration laws? Have you been to Canada or Mexico in the past 5 years? Place the 4 fingers of your left hand on the scanner. Place the 4 fingers of your right hand on the scanner. Place both thumbs on the scanner. Here's some brochures on how to use the GE Kiosk and how to sign up for the Trusted Traveler Program. Any Questions? I asked about getting through customs. After clearing immigration and picking up luggage just go to the front of the customs line and wave the GE Card dispensed by the GE Kiosk. GE is for International Travel and if accepted you are automatically elligible for the Trusted Traveler Progam which is for travel within the USA. Also posted on Pattaya Addicts Regards Silky
  4. I took a metered taxi from the airport to the Nana Hotel last week. The meter showed 220 Baht and the tolls came to 70 Baht. The Nana Hotel Limo Service to the Airport is 800 Baht (Tolls Included). The metered taxi was newer and nicer than the Nana Limos. Regards Silky
  5. On 13 July 2012 I found myself at the end of a very long line that snaked back and forth through the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Immigration Area. I had 3 hours to make my connecting flight and the line seemed to be moving so other than the wasted time there wasn’t a problem. This all changed when some little faggot came strolling along asking if anyone had a boarding time before XX:XX. People would show him their boarding pass and if their boarding time was earlier then they would be given a yellow card and told to proceed to one of the shorter lines directly in front of the Interrogation Booths. Then the snake line would come to a halt while the people with yellow cards were processed. This was repeated about every 15 – 20 minutes and it took me over 2 hours to clear Immigration. The real problem was that Immigration was understaffed. Only 5 agents were available to process US Citizens, 7 for Foreign Passport Holders and 1 agent was guarding 5 Global Entry Kiosk. Less than 10 people used the Global Entry Kiosk in the time I was there. Global Entry is just another tax. They add a fee to every ticket to increase security and then offer to let you skip some of the security for another fee ($100 for a 5 year pass). Well I would have gladly paid $20 to skip that line so I decided to apply. If you’re interested, here’s the drill. Go to the Global Entry website www.globalentry.gov and create an account. Fill out the online application. Includes: Name, Address, Passport Information, Everyplace you have lived for the past 5 years, Employment for the past 5 years, Every country visited for the past 5 years (Except Canada and Mexico), Information about any Criminal Convictions You will not be accepted if they find incorrect or omitted information or if there are gaps in the Employment or Residence Information. Pay $100 (No Refunds, another $100 if you screw up and want to try again and changes not allowed after submitting.) Wait about 3 weeks and if your application is accepted you will receive Conditional Approval and given 30 days to schedule an interview. Interviews are given at some Border Crossings and International Airports. Don’t make the mistake of thinking; well I’m going to be at XX Airport next month so I can interview then. The interview must be scheduled within 30 days of receiving the Conditional Approval but the interview can take place after the 30 day window. Interviews are scheduled online by entering your account, selecting a Location and then selecting a time slot. Depending on where you want to interview, time slots may not be available for a month or longer. They are scheduled at 20 minute intervals and are not displayed once they are filled. Walk-ins are not accepted but it is possible to re-schedule. When you go to the interview, you must bring your Conditional Acceptance Letter, Valid Passport or Permanent Residence Card and proof of residency (Drivers License, Rent Receipt, Mortgage Payment, Utility Bill, etc.) They will take your photo and a full set of fingerprints so yes; the FBI and CIA will know who you are. I received the Conditional Approval and then spent some time researching flight schedules to get a decent flight to BKK that would coincide with an available Global Entry Interview Slot. Will let you know how that plays out. Also Posted on Pattaya-Addicts Live The Life Silky
  6. Looking for recommendations for a Serviced Apartment or Condo close to NEP or Cowboy. I will be in Thailand for 6 months and would like to stay in Bangkok for a couple of months. Many/most of the units listed on the internet require long term leases with large deposits which I am not interested in. Want - Nice Condo (under 20K), Internet, Close to the Ladies, No Long Term Lease I plan on staying in the Nana Hotel the last week of Sep. 2012 and checking out some apartments. If I can't find anything suitable then it's on to Pattaya. Live the Life ;) Silky
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