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  1. Foreigners are tolerated because they usually have money to spend and are deemed a possible income. Once one is able to understand the Thai language rather than just speak a few phrases, one can hear how racist and how discriminatory most Thais really are towards outsiders. That includes people from the surrounding Asian countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos etc. They are consistently harassed and discriminated against quite openly. If they had money they would be tolerated. As many of us are. It doesn't mean that they like us...
  2. Looking at the last pic of the Enter gogo by the Nana Plaza team it appears that Enter has huge dancers
  3. As you've struggled with walking in the heat and don't want to pay taxi fare or motisai rates, Perhaps you could pay a little more and get a hotel on or closer to Sukhumvit, between Cowboy and NEP and all your favorite food places at T21. Maybe check out S15 or On8 rates
  4. As the high season gets underway in November places that were great a few weeks ago can become shit as they become busy with low-end tourists groups and the younger backpacker tourists. Also we still do not know the restrictions that will be imposed due to the last monarch's funeral in late October.
  5. Thanks, I didn't even know there was another one near the one above Erotica. I noticed the one next to Butterflies is gone also.
  6. Big Mama, good value and consistently decent food. The Game overpriced rip-off joint owned by the usual boiler room suspects but prime location, so very convenient if you don't care about the food or price.
  7. Bangkok Bunnies has a quite a few fuller sized types
  8. Sofitel Sukhumvit is overpriced in comparison to many other similarly rated hotels. Also at night time lots of busted old ho's, ladyboys and tribes of Africans powder pushers loitering around right next door near 7/11.
  9. T21 foodcourt is very overrun with tourists nowadays, eating cheap and sucking up free aircon and they tend to hang out there quite just using the free wifi for ages So tables can sometimes be hard to come by. I suggest that trying the food court in the Tops supermarket under Robinsons as an alternative, although much smaller it less tourist occupied and reasonably priced.
  10. I stayed there a few months ago and changed hotels after one night. No bum blaster to keep it all fresh.
  11. Honmono is very popular but many of my Japanese friends also like Sazae.
  12. I know some guys that often stay at the Swan Inna couple times per year and they say it is ok and was around 700pn. Other than that I can't comment as I have never been there
  13. Insanity is the latest and one of the better ones at the moment music wise. However, come November that could change.
  14. I usually average about 7/8 trips out of Thailand per year on a multi-entry visa and never had a problem or query. However, it does depend on the officer on the counter if said person wants to make any enquiries. The only time (a few years ago) when I had a rude immigration office flick through my passport and count how many entries I had made and ask "Why you come to Thailand so much?" was at the Nong Khai bridge when I was going to visit Laos. I just mentioned that I had a family here and he retorted "ah you have a lot of money, eh?". I replied "No, I don't, that is why I do a land crossing rather than fly." he just gave me a dirty look and said I can go. I did think he was gonna be an arse and mess me about but that was it.
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