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  1. stayed there once about 15 years ago ,. paid for 3 nights , stayed one and left next morning ! i would never return !
  2. i stayed there regularily over the last 10 years . the rooms can be a little tired . however the restaurant on the 7th floor used to do a fantastic evening buffet . the buffet was discontinued about a year or so ago . i asked the manager about it last month and he explained *no hab may customor * so sadly that is the end of that . i used to pay about 3400 baht for b&b however the great attraction was the restaurant so now i just pay for a room in a small but clean guesthouse on a subsoi off soi 4 opposite the carpark leading to majestic grande . perfect location . :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  3. that seems a bit unfair , anytime i went there there were maybe 12 to 15 men , mainly 40 y.o. to 60 y.o. also about 30 freelancers from about 26 y.o. to 45 y.o. the men seemed fairly normal, there was no great unwashed odours , and the freelancers were from a 3 to a 7 on the monger scale . perhaps you had an off day yourself ?
  4. life moves on very quickly ! i bet the hotel in Tunisia is carrying on as normal :( :( :(
  5. been there , done that !! and then promptly sat down for breakfast !!
  6. ive stayed there about 18 times , good value with a great restaurant !!! breakfast is brilliant , i always get a room incl brekkie ! lunch is the best value around , as long as you have skipped breakfast ! evening meal is also superb , however is really a repeat of lunch as regards choice !
  7. yep , you are right !! i didnt really believe it was possible but it was .......1992!!!! how is that possible ??????
  8. i tried it thro agoda, no luck!!!!(in sept at least) :angry: thanks anyway ;) ;)
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