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Found 5 results

  1. So I'm in a situation where I might be able to go one week every month to Thailand as a tourist for a period of time. I know I can show up in Thailand and get 30 days without having to apply for a Visa. But can I do this as many times as I'd like? To clarify: I'm not talking about simply flying out of Thailand and back to renew. I'm talking about flying in for a week or so, then going back home for at least a couple of weeks before returning. I guess I would be away from Thailand for anything between 2-4 weeks between each visit. Will I have an unlimited number of 30-day Visa exempt entries to Thailand? Or would I at some point have to apply for a Tourist Visa? Theoretical scenario: I travel to Thailand the first week of every remaining month of the year. I go back home after a week and stay home for the rest of that month until the start of next month, when I go back to Thailand for a week.
  2. CaptJoe

    Re-entry Permit

    OK you have a Visa and are ready to make a run to get a new visa what is this I hear about a Re-Entry Permit, where and when do you get one ?
  3. Where exactly do I go to get my 60-day visa extended for another 30 days?
  4. buttdart

    Siam Legal

    Anyone use Siam Legal for 1-year multiple entry visa? They claim they take care of all paperwork for about 15,000THB + 6,000THB Embassy fee. I found some language schools that do ed visas but it's just as expensive. Seems this would be a more hassle-free way. Anyone have experience?
  5. Hey all, I just came back from holiday, I stayed in Beijing for a transit. For those of you who don’t know, China has recently changed it visa policy. Here’s the latest update: Starting this year, Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport offer a 72-hour visa-free stay for foreign visitors from a list of 45 countries with third-country visas or round-trip tickets to a third destination. This policy is only applicable for foreign visitors who enter, stay in and leave from the cities of Beijing and Shanghai. According to the regulations of Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, foreign visitors who meet ALL the following requirements can apply for the visa-free transit: Hold passports issued by the following 45 countries, Hold valid international travel documents, Qualify for the entry to a third destination country, Hold valid airline tickets to a third country within a period of 72 hours which are reported to Chinese immigration by their airline companies 72-hour Visa-free Transit Policy is valid for passport holders from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar Restrictions of the 72-hour visa-free transit policy: 1. This regulation does not apply to passengers who travel on a single return flight (e.g., Bangkok – Beijing - Bangkok), which means the next destination and original departure cannot be the same. They need to apply for a transit visa before their departure. 2. The 72-hour visa-free stay only applies to transit via the three aforementioned airports. Passengers by train or any other vehicles should still apply for a transit visa. 3. Visitors have to purchase connecting plane tickets before arrival in Beijing or Shanghai. The policy does not apply to passengers who are planning to purchase plane tickets upon arrival at one of the three aforementioned airports. 4. Visitors are not allowed to leave Beijing or Shanghai for other cities during the 72-hour visa-free period. They can only depart Beijing from Beijing Capital International Airport or depart Shanghai from Pudong International Airport or Hongqiao International Airport. 5. If visitors are unable to depart on time due to unavoidable reasons, such as flight cancellation or treatment of sudden disease, they need to apply for a visa from the Municipal Public Security Bureau (PSB).
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