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Landmark or Continent help me decide

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I’m about to book and can’t make up my mind .


As a first time visitor I wanted high end and I’m in 2 minds of either a Clubroom at the Landmark or Skyroom at The Continent ?


Both are in easy distance of Nana Plaza or Cowboy and both from what I have read guest friendly .-


Help me decided please .

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I have stayed at both.


The Continent

  • Was priced much lower when they first opened. Overpriced now. It was about 2/3 of the current price a couple of years ago.

  • The floor to ceiling windows gives a spectacular view from the room.

  • Closer to Soi Cowboy and Terminal 21. 

  • Smaller hotel, less established.

  • The floor areas of the hotel are very small. Can feel crammed and a bit claustrophobic.

  • More discreet for when your return with company. Simply because it is smaller and have less traffic.

  • Small pool and on the top floor. Too small, a bit tacky.


  • Close to Nana Plaza. You will probably spend more time at NEP than Soi Cowboy.

  • Larger hotel, more of an upscale feel.

  • Large pool with a good atmosphere, but a bit worn down (unless they have renovated it)

  • High quality, newly renovated rooms.

  • All the Nana-girls know the hotel.


Both are guest friendly.


Enjoy your trip!

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