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Chinese invasion?

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Where do they get this information from?  I barely see the Chinese spending anything except for shopping.  Are they buying that much at the malls?




"The Chinese now account for 57.48% of all tourists in Thailand and what makes this even more staggering is only 8.7% currently have passports (120 million)."



"The Chinese expenditure into Thailand is US$15,342,000,000 each year, which is more than any other nation. The average spend per day for a Chinese tourist in Thailand is US$192 – which is 53% more than the average Europeans US$125 daily spend."

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I went to a large massage facility on top of 2nd Ave in Pattaya close to Terminal 21. Huge ,went in for massage and taken to large room with about 30 matts with drapes that went around the matt. very quiet and peaceful. 1/2 hour into the massage  I hear all these loud voices coming down the hall. Tour bus full of Chinese arrive at literally take over the place and the room filled up completely.  wore part of it as they had kids running around loose while parents got massage. packed up and left.... did same mistake on River dinner cruise in BKK. Dinner boat was over 50% Chinese... kept running back and forth to the buffet  like it was their  first meal in two weeks.. ruined the whole experience. Now i try to stay where i se tour buses.

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I don't  believe it.  There are maybe 2 dozen flights per day coming to BKK from China, but they aren't the huge jets.  If you combine all of the large European long haul flights, there have to be more people from Europe flying to BKK than China.  Here is another article:


For years, Thailand’s tourism scene has been dominated by Chinese visitors, with 10.5 million in 2018 alone – accounting for about 28 per cent of total foreign arrivals.
Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/world/why-indian-tourists-are-flocking-thailand-where-they-may-soon-outnumber-chinese-visitors


Thai tourism officials to raise their estimates of how many visitors will come from India, with its population of 1.3 billion. At least 10 million are now expected to arrive in 2028, a more than five-fold increase on last year’s visits.




The Chinese may be the largest single nation visiting Thailand, but "western" tourists are still the largest group, IMO.



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