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1 hour ago, kevker said:

I'll be landing at 6am on a Saturday at Suvarnabhumi . I imagine, as I'm getting off an A380 immigration will be a nightmare, which should lead nicely into trafiic getting to Nana. After a 12 hr flight, I will just want to get to my hotel and get my head down for a few hours. What are people's opinion on the prebook fast track and limo service that you can get? I pretty much hate public transport and I will have a case with me, so don't fancy lugging that around on trains. For me, speed and comfort on my first trip to BKK will be the most important thing.

You’ll be fine. Try to book a seat near the front of the plane for a quicker exit but I’m sure immigration will be clear that time in the morning. And also at that time in the morning on a Saturday the traffic will pretty clear you should be at Nana within 45 mins. Personally I wouldn’t bother prebooking anything.

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