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On 5/1/2020 at 7:31 PM, Herbby said:

It’s confirmed. Booze available again on Sunday day. Has to be take away. Can visit restaurants too, so that is good.

Well at least we can get a hand on booze. I still miss the time hanging out in the bars and find the nice girl to have a chat, well I hope next month, they will open normally. No one can disagree that woman come with booze.

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3 hours ago, kosa said:

i hope the poplee live there   can upload info  about lockdown and  start  international fly

More things easing in the next few days. No bars though. If figures stay low, that will be another couple weeks away for sure.


No flights (for tourists) into Thailand until the end of June. Probably even longer I reckon. When flights are allowed, there will no doubt be some sorts of restrictions (quarantine or/and medical fitness letter).

If numbers remain low, my best guess for a best case scenario for a punter sat in a bar (who knows what restrictions bars will have to have?) surrounded by lovelies would be September/October. All it takes is a quick spike though, and that would be straight out of the window

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The travel ban is very poorly timed in the Philippines. They kept the flights open for infected passangers then blocked it for supplies. No wonder it's losing GDP. Thailand had a stricter management... but sometimes unnecessary to the point that it feels like extortion.

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Opening the Bangkok Post online version and the news were devastating about the spread of Covid-19 in Ekkamai meaning that my return to my loved city is gonna take an eternity 😥

After being lucky to receive 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine and starting to believe the world and specially in my case hoping Thailand will defeat this shit a tremendous blow came to me on this Monday making it a terrible start to the week.

Living in hope but the time is going and the Dream is just looking very faraway ......maybe one day but is hard when life is kicking you on the balls !!!  

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