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Good places for Dinner Date

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Thanks everyone for suggestions. I hope that i will be able to explore most of the places in next trip. I agree with Christian on the point of exploring other amazing places away from general busy touristy areas as suggested by other members also. [emoji482][emoji1635]

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I love dining in Jua, it has a nice ambience and really really great food. It's also pleasing to the eyes because of its  vibe. Their food is tasty. REALLY. They serve both Japanese and Hawaiian food as the main chef used to live there, or so I heard. My favourite food is their katsu sando anf miso caesar, amazing. 

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Loving this thread and looking forward to trying some of the suggestions. Here are some suggestions from me. I’d suggest In Love bar restaurant right on the river next Rama viii bridge. Spectacular location a little bit out from Banglamphu. Just google it. Only go at night. Mainly thai clientele. It’s relaxed, casual and not expensive. You can then grab a Tuk Tuk to khao San and wander round together. Great for breaking the ice. For a hi so version go to River Bar, more upmarket but again right on the river. 

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