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LINE mobile phone number

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Need to reinstall LINE on a new phone.  Right now it's registered to a Thailand mobile number.  I know LINE will send a verification text to the mobile number.  I'm not in Thailand now.  What to do?  I don't want to change my LINE number to my main mobile number in my home country.  I want a separate mobile number for my LINE.  I tried to use a Skype or Google Voice number but it does not allow it.  It seems it only allows official registered mobile numbers from major carriers in each country.

Any ideas?  

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I should have the SIM card somewhere, I think I misplaced it.  If I pop it in, I might be able to get the text, if I got balance and roaming works.  In the past it worked 50/50 for me.  The problem at this point, I think my SIM is expired altogether.


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