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Intercontinental or JW Marriott

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Hi Guys

I’ve currently booked a basic room at the JW Marriott for a trip I’ll hopefully be able to make in October. 

However, I’ve been looking at prices again today and for the same price as a basic room at the JW I can get a club corner suite at the Intercontinental. 

I don’t have any experience of either of these hotels but wondering what you would do with these options?

JW seems to have a much better location so I’m probably still leaning towards that. Both have free cancellation btw

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On both my trips, I've stayed at the Hotel Icon on the same soi as the Marriott. My go-to pickup place has been Hillary 2 on Soi 4 (Soi Nana), just a block away with an easy short cut through the Rajah Hotel parking lot. No need for taxi trips back to the hotel. So I would go for the Marriott.

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