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Visiting Bangkok middle of October 2021

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Hi guys.

I am new to the forum, but looking for some advice.

There are 6 of us looking to visit Thailand around the Middle of October 2021.  We are flying from the USA.

All 6 have been fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

We want to spend a week in Bangkok and a week in Phuket.

I know Phuket will be wide open by then, but will we have to quarantine in Bangkok at all by then?

Your advise is greatly appreciated.


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Are you flying directly into Phuket, or arriving in Bangkok and then taking a flight to Phuket?
Also, I don't think we know if arrival means unlimited access to Phuket, or only specified tourist areas.



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The flights from the USA all fly into BKK airport.  From there we can get an internal flight down to Phuket if needed.

Ideally though, we would love to spend the 1st week in Bangkok... and then fly down to Phuket for the 2nd week.


I appreciate you taking the time to message back, Frosty!


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I wish we could offer you better advice, but the truth is that nobody knows.  The most recent outbreak has made the situation even less clear.  For example, Phuket opening for vaccinated tourists will only happen if they can vaccinate 70% of island residents which seems unlikely.

Try posting this topic on PA.  There are a lot of bar owners on that forum who might have better information.


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Everything was looking good in LOS in March '21, but as April '21 roared around it started to look dicey.


There's no firm answers on whether October '21 will be worth it at this point.  Like the weather, the predictions get clearer the closer you are to the forecast date.


And, we still don't know if Phuket means fully open over the island, or just in certain tourist venues.


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yes i agree. ... far to early ... I have friends in Udon and Bangkok and both tell me just stay away until early next year if all goes well. I'm just sitting here waiting waiting waiting .... I want everything to open 100% safe today ....BUT ... lets get real ... it is not going to open and be back to normal anytime soon. Best we just hope for the best but expect the worst.

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