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Is "Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit" a Guest friendly hotel?

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Planning on going to Bangkok/Pattaya this December and I like this hotel in Bangkok "Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit" because it's new, the rates are good and it allows a third person for a fee. This is the link to the Agoda listing https://www.agoda.com/en-gb/carlton-hotel-bangkok-sukhumvit-h10231638/hotel/bangkok-th.html

The question is how do I know if they are a guest friendly hotel or not? I googled it and did not find them listed on any Guest friendly lists. But that might be because they opened in 2019.

I know I have to book the room for 2 adults.

Thank you


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Well, The Carlton Hotel page on booking.com answers the question if the hotel is guest friendly with the following, so I would think so:

"We are delighted to inform you regarding our joiner policy that there will not be extra charge for the joiner. However, in case of there is exceeding of maximum of the confirmed capacity in each room, there will be additional charge."

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yes, carlton is guest friendly, and i can recommend the place highly (at least for the rates they currently ask for). 

they officially ask you that a joiner deposits her ID at the front desk, but i always just walked by with them. but that's up to you and with some girls, it might be a good idea to have them deposit the ID. 

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