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Visa benefits of marrying a Thai national


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Are there any benefits that can be gotten from marrying a Thai National? Getting married early 2022 and was wondering if anyone has gone through something on similar lines.

Thanks again in advance 

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It depends what you are looking for. I have been married many years to a Thai National (and unfortunately recently widowed...)

Not that I was looking for particular advantages, the things I've done through the years:

- you can have a Thai Spouse visa which allows you to stay in Thailand (I had a work-permit, but I am not 100% sure this is required)

- when I needed administrative paperwork to be done, being married makes it easier as your marriage certificate can bring more credit to your application: getting credit card (there are other ways, easier if you work), apply to life insurance, yellow book house registration, driving license

Additionally, your spouse will have an advantage to apply for visa to go to your home country.

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Using the Thai citizen/ locals line for immigration at the airport.

I'm not sure it's always an option or if they have hard rules about this. Apparently the only big difference is speaking Thai, and as long as she can answer all the questions for you, their all good with it. 

(Almost never had anyone speak to me in English anyways.)

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