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The Siam area is home to some mega malls. Malls in the size unlike anything I have seen in my home state.
The shopping in BKK is easily comparable to Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.
I tend to feel that Bangkok offers a lot more range. Pricing is similar but there are bargains to be found for sure.

These malls cater for what I would consider high end shopping as well as mid range branding.

For example, Gaysorn mall is mostly high end shopping. 
Siam Paragon is again mostly high end. Though the department store has a variety of mid level range branding.
Central World is mostly mid level brands. It's a good mix.
MBK is where legit and counterfeit come together for some great bargain shopping fun. I prefer MBK over a market like Chatuchak because it's easier to navigate, air conditioning and it's right on the BTS. They have two food courts, Food island is very impressive. And did you know you can pay for your meal using a Rabbit card? 
Terminal 21 - I really don't know how to classify this mall. But I like their food court.


*What do I mean by mid level range. Anything branded with a sigil or logo that most medium income earners can generally afford.
I dunno, think of coveted branded items like - Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Nike, but remember branding is on a tiered scale. The further up the food chain your polo shirts might come from CP or Paul & Shark. Your suits might come from Zegna or Brioni.  

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I usually take the wife to Chatuchak once per trip, but she always enjoys shopping at Platinum and Patunam malls for most items, then follow-up at MBK. In my 50 odd trips to Bangkok, have rarely bought anything at Terminal 21, Central World (used to be World Trade Center) or Siam Paragon, other than food.


Grocery shopping we'll do at Robinsons, Foodland or in the malls.

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I'm an economist. I like to shop like any other happy consumer. I use the supermarkets to my advantage while in BKK as well as eating more street food as a first choice over say going to a restaurant. I like Big C, had a great time getting my groceries from there. 

With shopping it pays to look around, BKK is wonderful for that as there are more stores, which means more competition.
Online is not always better and if it is then it's only slightly better. 
For example I went to Pantip in July and found all of their stuff only a few dollars in price difference to online retailers in my country. When you add postage the cost saving for an item bough in BKK made for a slight advantage. I would not buy PC parts that were not consumables.  

Also in my previous post I mentioned a few brand names. Branded clothes don't mean so much to me anymore.But I still shop around, keep my eye out. 
Another idea not mentioned is Tailoring.
I enjoy tailored goods. The stuff I had made in BKK is good. I have a few nice shirts and pants for work. 

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I love an excuse to take my missis to JJ Market, i do one lap with her, then find a seat in the paella man bar, rather a big chap cooking them giant paellas, but the beer is cold , and the cocktails fab on a hot day, music is great different guys coming to do a DJ spot ye "cool laid back music, Missis is happy of shopping, only one problem I am no use in helping carry the bags home, can only just get my self to taxi rank outside, so +1 for JJ.

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