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It is one of the safest cities I have even been in.   But it's also a city and I never leave anything worth over $20 out in the open regardless of where I'm at.   Most laptops will fit in the sa

Bangkok is the most capital dangerous city in the world ... unlike your own major cities where no one gets conned, overcharged, robbed or cheated. Please don't come here with all your money as there a

I grew up in one of the top ten most dangerous cities in the world (measured by homicide rate), where I slept with a loaded .40 calibre Glock under my covers at night. By comparison, Bangkok is a have

In general Bangkok is safe, but dont do stupied things. Having your laptop in your bag or suitcase is normal not a problem in daytime, but dont leave it unattended. Some areas are more trouble than other, but where there are lot of people there are few problems, exept maybe some pick pocket. I have never had any problems in any place, but I dont pretend having any values on me. In hotel put laptop and creditcard in room safe and only when you are alone. The stars of hotels is not always a security reason. First time in BKK I stayed in Montien Riverside, locked every value in room safe, vent out and when I returned later in the evening empty. I know it was some from the hotel staff but impossible to prove. This was my last night, so travelinsurance covered it and it did not ruined my trip. But this is not common. I am about to do my 30 trip to BKK soon and I am not worried, but I guard my back. Use rooms safe, take photo copy of passport and ticket. A good advice will be to always have a copy of your passport on you incase of any impact with police. If you are to go to Soi Cowboy stay out of the arab bars, they try to rip you every time. Never go with touts, they will always bring you to places you dont want to go to and cost you plenty of bath. Enjoy your trip.

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Always lock valuables in your safe when you are leaving them in the room. While there is a high trust factor in the city it's not 100% guaranteed.



Hey Frosty


Does that include laptops as well? You mean in general it isn't safe to leave your laptop on a desk or table inside the hotel room? I am staying at Dawin and it looks like a fairly respectable hotel. I would be surprised/miffed if one of the staff took the laptop from the room while I was out.


Geez I hope the safe is large enough to house it as well.



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It is one of the safest cities I have even been in.


But it's also a city and I never leave anything worth over $20 out in the open regardless of where I'm at.


Most laptops will fit in the safes. While the staff may not do anything there's always that chance something could happen, like someone slipping into your room. And if they can't see it they're not motivated to try anything. Out of sight, out of mind.


I've always put my laptop in the safe. It looks like it can hold up to 15" easily on the common room safe types.

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I agree and there are some basic safety routines to adopt...



yup, be careful of pickpockets, don't use those stupid bum bags and have two wallets one smaller and more hidden. hide yer cash in the hotel and never ever trust Ladyboys in your room ( not that I've ever tried that one)

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Anyone ever heard about locals grabbing their camera equipment and running?

I'm a photographer and bringing a bunch of equipment with me.

I can't say I have ever heard of something like this happening, but that doesn't mean its not possible. Just use common sense when you're out with your equipment and you should be fine.


In all honesty, I find BKK to be safer than the US cities I have been in as far as crime is concerned.....crossing streets is another story. :lol:

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My first time to Thailand will be in January so I can't speak for Thailand but I have been to many places much more dangerous and never run into trouble just taking percautions that to me are common sense. I also almost always am carrying around a camera with a value of about $5,000 usd. Im a photographer so I always have it and have never run into any problems there either. I just look around and make sure people know I'm looking around and am cautious of my surroundings. I always lock up valuables and electronics in the room safe the best I can and hide everything else in a bag and out of site and mind for anyone entering my room.

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