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Travelling to Bangkok


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We are travelling to Hong Kong and I am wondering if there are any good websites that have good deals ,we are on a budget but I would

like to get value for money .Also how many days should I put aside for the Landmark cities Hong Kong ? Don't want to be rushed but don't want to stay for too long and miss out something else?.Any hidden gems in as we are not willing to follow the usual tourist tracks

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Have a look at this site. It allows you to search the "buckets" for air fares based on two city pairs. You can pretty much see everything that a travel agent can see. So have a look find fares, then copy the fare basis code and go to that airlines website and book it direct.



Also, regarding Hong Kong, you can easily do it in 4 days. I actually stayed for 10 days my last trip and it was WAY too long. Be aware that HKG is crazy busy with pushy mainland Chinese all over the streets. After a while of being jostled all over the place it does start to piss you off.


Some sites that I found worthwhile to see are:

- The peak tram up to the peak (amazing view)

- Happy Valley Race Course and Hong Kong Jockey Club

- Take the Star Ferry Across to Kowloon and go to Ned Kelly's Bar - Awesome Jazz bands at night

- Take the big red bus trip out to repulse bay and the markets out that direction

- Go have a look at Hennesey Road/Lockhart Rd for mongering but be aware its hugely expensive


As you can probably tell im not a huge Hong Kong fan. Its dirty, busy, loud, pushy, rude and bloody expensive for many things. I reckon 4 days would be HEAPS of time to get the Honkers experience. I suspect by that time you will def be ready to leave.


Hope that helps


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