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Cabbie Caught in BKK

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Today in the Bangkok Post, Page 2, The Round Up



A taxi driver who allegedly tricked passengers into believing his car had broken down and needed a push-start, then made off with valuables they had left in his vehicle, has been arrested, police say.


Police said Makha Channo, 31, fooled three female passengers into stepping out of his car to give him assistance.


Once they had left the vehicle, Mr Makha started the ‘‘malfunctioning’’ engine and drove away, police said.


Police seized eight bags and wallets, three mobile phones and three ATM cards during a raid on his room in an apartment in Phra Khanong district.


Police said Mr Makha targetted victims in Wang Thong Lang, Hua Mak, Khok Khram, Sutthisan and Min Buri. They said the suspect admitted he had robbed people on three occasions.



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Cabbie obviously a MENSA member ! To even things out a bit - I had a friend who left $20K US in a cab returning from BKK. The $$ was returned a few hours later. He had none of the cab/cabbies particulars either. Amazing ! wj

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Had heard this sort of thing going on when getting a cab to Pattaya at night. The cabbie would take a back road and then rob you or have his mates waiting for you... Been a while since I've heard anything relating to robbing tourists in a while..

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