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Advice for a gym near Nana


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man when I got to BKK I had the same problem and I looked around A LOT. The best gym for daily rates is on Sala Daeng, called Clark Hatch Fitness Center at the Thaniya Plaza. It has a nice roof top pool. IF you don't want to go there your next best bet is a hotel gym. The caliwow and fitness first gym are very expensive for short term workout.

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Thanks for the pointer. I couldn't find much either. I'm surprised there so little choice for reasonably priced daily rates. I usually spend under a week in town and the place I stay in doesn't have a gym. If at some point I do find one I'll post it here.

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Sorry to bring up a year old thread but better than starting a new one, since no one has provided a solid answer to the OP's question.

I will be facing the same problem soon. This will be my first time in Bangkok, I work out back home everyday or else I will get mood swings.

I need a hardcore gym (heavy free weights) around the BTS Nana vicinity.

Can any of the expats or gurus help?


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Just use fitness first Landmark hotel.


This seems reasonable and very close. Do you know it's monthly rate and if it has any free weights?

I visited their website but the photos only showed an array of treadmills and yoga classes. I need a squat rack and a leg press machine, will that be available?

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I was about to start a new thread on this very topic 2 ask if n e 1 knew of a cheap place you could use on a one off basis, most places wont let you in for a single workout.


I found a nice place off Soi 1, you can get there from Soi 3 by walking through Boomboomgrad Hospital. Its called Vital Life Wellness Center and costs 300 baht a workout


Lumpini Park now has a new machine and dumbbell gym which costs like 20 baht a YEAR but you need a passport copy and medical health certific8 and there are strict rules like not shorts or tanktops so I never bothered with it.


Also in Lumpini is an old outdoor gym been there for years, very cheap but the equipment is a bit rusty and dangerous

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