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Hi there gents ,


This is something that i should had look for it while in Thailand , but my problem is that as a good newbie i invest all my time in bar action :rolleyes: and did not check out


Myself , due to my job stress , much times i feel anxiety going and coming around . When in Bangkok always think about learning some Tai-Chi techniques to control it , but i always try to fight my anxiety with jack daniels and few girls around me , if you can not win this way you can forget about for a while . Sometimes it works but other dont as anxiety use to appear when non of stress is presented .


So for those that can have the kwnoledge , could you please advise a good place to learn Tai-Chi in Bangkok , as local speciality it should be someone like the Master of Bruce Lee but of this art


Coming back very early next year and will like to visit one of them


Thanks in advanced

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