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During my first trip have some old days internet meeting girlfriend during few days staying with me ...


One day before she comes , bought her multiple gifts (for a price that was awesome ) and left it at the desk so the next day she woke up can see them.


Get a huge WTF face when i saw her taking them from the wrapped plastic they come covering them , watching them , and placing them back into the wrapped plastic !!! no explanation given :huh: as was useful things like a Handbag , make up box , etc...


Our mind without any knowledge could think that she would even give it to a friend when you left or shit like that


Fly out from Thai , come back home and find a blog dont remember where with something about it ...I get a bigger fool face when i see the meaning as was exposed there . It tells that they leave it like that to show / proff everyone around her that is a gift ! :blink:


Can anyone confirm this info i read ?

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