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Political demonstrations

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I passed through BKK on Sunday. Roads were clear until we went past a stadium (sorry don't know which one). Taxi driver couldn't explain clearly the commotion. Later I found out it was a red shirt rally.


Now I grew up around North Kensington (Notting Hill for those unsure of the geography) & lived I Brixton in the early eighties.


For non British I should explain that during the 70's &80's there were massive riots in London.


But in all that time I never saw anything like the preparations the Thais were making in case it kicks off.


Is anything imminent?

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Probably but I'm sure they will not want a repeat of last time hence the heavy presence. Did you just see a alot of police or military too?

Looked like coppers, but saying that not brown uniforms. Definitely a riot squad, shields, batons. Didn't make out any serious weaponry. All seems quiet though. Nothing on the news.

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