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UDD plans million-strong protest

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Saw this on the PA forum:




The United front for Democracy against Dictatorship expects one million red-shirts will turn out for a mass anti-government demonstration to bring down the government, planned from Nov 29 to Dec 3, UDD core leader Jatuporn Promphan said on Tuesday.


“It will be a five-day gathering of at least one million red-shirts and we will make the war against the government as short as possible. The red-shirts will not lay siege to Government House or other state offices," said MrJatuporn.


UDD leaders were not worried about the strong possibility the government will again invoke the Internal Security Act to deal with the protesters, he said.


“If one million red-shirts turn out as expected, we will be able to topple the government. But if we cannot make it, we will return to the streets again after Dec 5, His Majesty the King’s 82nd birthday,” the UDD leader said.


He believed the UDD could achieve its objective to topple the government before the end of the year because there were problems of corruption in several ministries and prices of agricultural products were low. The government had only one option left — dissolve the House and call elections.


'This time, either UDD or the government must go', he said. 'The government should not be allowed to celebrate the New Year festival.'



Link to topic on PA Forum:

Will this turn into another fiasco for tourists!






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