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Online booking a htoel

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My travel agent suggested "Sawasdee hotel sukhumvit soi 8".


I am ok with this hotel esp after reading reviews on http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g293916-d1900729-Reviews-Sawasdee_Hotel_Sukhumvit_Soi_8-Bangkok.html


My travel agent is charging $60/night for this hotel. I am not sure but I think its too much for this hotel (obviously travel agent is doing business and he will keep his profit).


I want to know is it ok if i do not book this hotel through my travel agent and just go straight to hotel and book a room after my arrival in bangkok ?

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Hi Karoos



On Agoda $41- 1,185bht need to add tax, at 7% superior with breakfast, never stayed there my self, about a 5+ min walk to BTS, you can use the cut threw past Lolita’s ? On to soi 6, then on to soi 4 if you are after nightlife.


On soi 8 there are some good little bars, and good food at the soi 8 bar breakfast is spot on and large enough to fill a horse.

If you are coming for the night life may be soi 4 is the better option many hotels near same price range, Boss Suites, ok to good, dynasty inn, about 1500+ ,any way plenty of info on the site ref hotels, both GF and the normal type.


As for arriving with no booking depends when you are arriving songkran soon one or two good deals already taken, it can be hit and miss generally walk in can be a bit more expensive, but have done it many times due to uncertainly of getting home from work, but it can be a good idea if not used to LOS to have are booked hotel peace of mind


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Hotel price varies depending how you make reservation.


Basically, lowest is from online reservation (not hotel own website), follow by agents, follow by direct booking to hotel.


Hotel seldom charge lower than agents and website so that agents and website will be motivate to sell their room more.

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one of the first times i came to Bangkok many years ago i booked a package with Qantas Airlines and got a hotel that was in my budget at the time. I ended up being in a very bad location with very few transport options available to me. Ever since then i have been booking everything online as you are able to see maps and read real reviews from previous guests. I have been using Agoda last 5 years and have no complaints about their service. However you do need to pay on booking.

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Have to say I prefer Agoda.You can pay by PayPal too.Which means your credit card is secure,less chance of being phished.

Agoda is without doubt 9 times out of ten cheaper than booking with the hotel direct,but it's worth checking with the hotel website as they'll sometimes have a special promotion/early bird special which will be even cheaper than Agoda.

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