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World Cup 2014 (Brazil)


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Hi All


Most BM;s like football/soccer where ever they are from and follow the sport when in the LOS.


I am from the UK so obviously with the time zone the games that are played are different when in Thailand. So you get to watch the games a lot later in the bars and sometimes most of the eveing to the early hours, which is great. So it got me wondering when the World Cup 2014 is on, what the times are in my country and also when in Thailand,


The said times below are from the official FIFA Website for the World Cup 2014


The times in black are Brazilian times and I have put Thai times in red, not sure if there is any change to time zones by the odd hour during this post.


"The Opening Match will take place on 12 June in Sao Paulo, with a kick-off time of 17.00/03.00.

Group-stage games will be played at 13.00/00.00, 15.00/01.00, 16.00/02.00, 17.00/03.00, 18:00/04.00, 19.00/05.00 and 21:00/07.00 local time, with knockout stage matches at 13.00/00.00 and 17.00/03.00 local time.

The semi-finals will be played at 17.00/03.00 local time and the Final, on 13 July 2014 at the iconic Maracana stadium, at 16.00/02.00 local time."




Just a heads up, as i know certian BM's like to book their LOS holiday a good way in advance



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