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In 3 weeks time it all kicks off again for another season. It's been less than 2 months since the last season ended, but it seems like ages.


So, how do you think Man U will do without Ronaldo & Tevez, but with Michael Owen?


How will Man City do with all their big signings. Too many strikers in my opinion & not enough strength/depth at the back.


How will the Arsenal do without Adebayor & Nasri out for a while with a broken leg?


Who will be the surprise of the season with regards to the promoted teams?


Which team, if any, do you reckon will break into the top four?

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Do not forget the Spurs. (Since 3 years undervalued !)



Do not forget the Spurs? Why should I (or any Gooner) remember you lot? 555!!! Still, congrats on your good start ....... let see how long it lasts!!



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It's Chelsea for me this season, followed by Man U.. I think Liverpool will miss Xabi this season. I enjoy watching the Arsenal but can't see them lasting the pace, could be neck and neck with their bitter rivals for 4th spot??


Anyway, enough of that premiership, what about my beloved Newcastle United!! :D If we could only get rid of that f***ing owner, god I hate that bloke!!

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I hate the summer break although the Ashes made it bearable this year.


Manure for me! No team can lose (arguably) the best player in the world and remain as good as they were but I think they have the quality over 9 months to win the Prem. I don't think they will do so well in Europe as they might struggle in one offs when its knockout.


Chelsea I feel will be the best in Europe with the mighty Gooners if they can last the season on a small squad.


As for Spuds......................do us a favour!!! 555 That said have huge respect for Harry and he might just put you in the frame with Arsenal, Villa, Liverpool, City for 3rd/4th and a CL spot next year.


Cant actually see City making top 4. Loads a Money spent..............on fook all IMO.

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